Thursday, May 1, 2014

throwback thursday blog edition : my college roomies!

I am on the verge of my first baby-free vacation since Finola was born.
Actually, we haven't been anywhere without the kiddos (more than an overnight) since our trip to St. Maarten when I was sixteen weeks preggo.

I am so, so, so ready.
We are headed to Vegas for a reunion with my roommates from my second year of college.  We lived in the type of apartments where you are matched up with roommates based on age/interests. Having worked in the business office of said apartments I can honestly say it was an act of God that we were matched up so well.  Honestly, these two are awesome.  I am grateful for the year we lived together, in our crappy apartment complete with severe lack of air-conditioning, mandatory rope lighting in the living room, 'sexy guy' magazine pics decorating our kitchen cabinets, and Beth's gecko lizard.  Oh, and Bacardi Breezers in the fridge, of course.

When I first moved in with Beth and Kristina I was, well, pretty naive.   Probably our year living together could be considered my "coming-of-age."  I definitely felt like I became an adult through various things that happened in my life during that time period.  Both women were good friends to me then, and even now - despite the fact that we rarely see each other.

Both had pretty important influences on my life.  

Kristina introduced me to my husband, way back then when we were only twenty.   Well, she was the one who met him and then was ballsy enough to invite him over to hang out and meet her roomies.   So basically I have her to thank for the three most beautiful things in my life  -- Hubby and the two subsequent babies.  :) :) :)

Beth is the one who got me to finally start blogging.  I had been reading blogs for several years and really wanting to start one myself, simply as a creative outlet I was lacking at the time.  It was Beth that told me to just do it, in her blunt, matter-of-fact, yet very encouraging way.  So I did, four years ago, and have been writing and loving it ever since!

So thank you ladies!  Here is what I will do for you...a trip down memory lane.  You're welcome.  Ha!

+ + + + + + + 

Here are the three of us - the night we threw a "wild party" in our apartment.  In truth, there were only four people there : us, and my future husband!  (He may have been slightly disappointed in the turnout at first, but our alcohol-soaked watermelon and awesome white girl dance moves won him over quickly.)  

Here we are hanging out on the playground outside our building.  No idea who took these photos or why...but we always had a blast together!
After we lived together that year we kept in touch, saw each other when we could, despite leading busy lives and moving to various parts of the country.

Then we started getting married.
Beth was first...
...then me, only a few weeks later.
dancing the dollar dance...with my uncle
Before Kristina got married we had our first "Roomie Reunion" in 2010 in Destin, FL...
we tried our hand at deep sea fishing
rented a condo, wore coordinating outfits, and drank lots of wine! (well, not beth, she was newly preggo.)
This photograph was the last time we were all three together - Kristina's wedding.  Such a fun weekend!   Again, Beth was still we haven't hung out without one of us being pregnant in a REALLY long time.    Not that that matters!  (But yes, yes it does.)

Now, five, yes FIVE babies later, we are headed to Vegas!
This time our amazing husbands will be joining us to hang out and catch up.
(I am promised that no one is pregnant.)

Trip recap to follow.
Or not.
What happens in Vegas...