Monday, March 31, 2014

one year ago : one baby, now two!

Exactly one year ago I was largely pregnant...

 ...and now here we are -- minus a huge bump and plus a sweet baby girl...
While there is not much I miss about being pregnant, it is kind of bittersweet to look back on how little Cormac was back then, and how very much he has changed in only a year.

My spirited child.

Then he was a he is a little boy!

Then he only said about five distinct there is no limit to the things he will say.

Then it was diapers.  Now it is big boy underwear!
Then he was an only child.  Center of the universe.  Now he is a big brother.  Learning to share attention, toys, personal space, everything.  Quite the everyday challenge.  Here are some of my favorite recent shots of bro and sis:
they were dancing really cute.  until I got the camera out.

When I look back on photographs from one year ago, though I know life was easier then with only one, I just could not imagine going back.

For us, two babies is the place to be.  Every day it is hard...but every day it is awesome, too.
Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend!  We are this close to warm weather...and I couldn't be more thrilled.  

I'd like to get some sunlight on myself and my vampire children.