Sunday, February 20, 2011

garden graveyard

I miss spring.
And summer.
Yesterday we got a February teaser: sixty-five degrees and sunshine.
It made me want to unearth my flower beds, getting rid of the dead, to make room for beautiful new buds!
However, since I know March is sure to bring more snow...
I will enjoy my "garden graveyard" for a another long month...

{you'll be a knockout someday, honey}

 {a future hot pink cluster on my crepe myrtle}

{sweet, sweet jane magnolia bud}

{a bed of dead, wet, beautiful leaves to keep the garden warm}

{hang on droopy, droopy hang on}

{fuzzy bud, you make me feel all fuzzy inside}

{i see you, my lovely pup}

Clearly I was bored today. 
 But it was a really good kind of bored.
The day started with: with fresh-baked donuts, coffee, {yes, I can have one cup a day -- "my vagina gets a vote!" for all you Grey's fans out there -- loved that episode for obvious reasons!} and lounging on the couch with Hubby watching White Men Can't Jump.

Now time to get to work painting the currently being re-vamped master bath...
more on that to come!

Anything pretty happening in your garden graveyard?