Thursday, February 28, 2013

design journal : toddler room inspirations!

One of the really fun and exciting things for me about having a baby is the excuse I have to decorate!  For this second babe I don't have to worry too much about the nursery {although I will do a 'reveal' on that after the birth and I know the gender} but it means that Cormac will be transitioning from his crib and the nursery to his toddler room.  AH!  It all is so thrilling -- to me, at least.  Hubby's eyes glaze over when I start to gush about it.

I've been thinking about this room even before we got preggo again.

Here are a few of the ideas that will be included in the 'big boy room'...

This is a repainted version of the Ikea kid table - Latt.  Only 20 bucks for the table and two chairs.  I am  also repainting and doing the chalkboard painted top.
The Kura bed from Ikea is what we are going with.   You can assemble it as a low bed, or like a mini-loft as shown below.  We took Cormac to Ikea to 'try out' all the kiddo beds, and he had a fun time tearing this one apart.  I decided I wanted to go with a low twin bed, rather than a toddler bed that requires a smaller mattress and won't last him very long.  This one he can use for a longer period of time.  Hopefully.  Click on the source link beneath photo to a great post showing other Kura transformations!  There are so many cute things you can do with this bed!  Don't worry...we are starting with the low version!!!

Here is a hint to the color scheme.  I love the pale blue with the bright red contrast.  But expect it to be a lot more traditional.  I'm usually prefer more of a modern look to decor...but this room is coming together as rather traditional and I am okay with that

Here is just more of what I like {pale blue walls, fun pops of bright color}plus -- cube storage {sideways bookcase from Ikea!}  I am gonna place this in front of one of his windows for a 'window seat' since he loves when I let him look out at all the outdoor goings-on!

And there must be a tent.  There simply must...
Source: via Greta on Pinterest

Wood is ordered for the flooring in the kiddo rooms!  Painting and floor install will be done by end of April.  Then, it is just getting everything in/decorated before new baby arrives end of May!  Pressure! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

montana trip : preggo sister visit!

This past weekend I adventured to the mountains of western Montana to visit my dear sister. 
 I should mention - we are both pregnant!  This made the trip extra special, as we have always hoped we would be pregnant at the same time.  

Despite my sprained foot, the four days were awesome.  Just spending time with her and her family {hubby, daughter and two boys} was really relaxing...oh, and getting a small break from my own.  
(Nice to have a solo 'mama trip' once in a while...thank you Hubby and in-laws!!!!)

We thrifted, (I may or may not have bought more girl clothes...just in case) drank coffee, ate yummy food, and just talked a lot, as sisters do.

Here is a few moments from our sister weekend...
girls night! malts, burgers and fries at old-fashioned diner, norm's news!
taking the boys for a walk to the park
sweet little grey
time to braid mama's hair
got our redneck chic on! (pronounced "chick" in montana)
sister lunch at the forge
a latte was in order

sister bump shot
I love you, Sister!  Thank you for a wonderful weekend!

What did you do this weekend?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

'the sprain'

It is something you hope never happens when you are pregnant: falling down the steps.

But yes, my clumsy pregnant self slipped on our basement steps last night while going down to get my suitcase for my trip to visit my sister in Montana.

I was actually stepping very cautiously (as I was helping Cormac walk down as well) and I was holding onto the railing on my right side.

So I have no idea what caused me to slip, but down I went, in a furious tumble.

About halfway down I felt my right foot turn inward with a painful crunch.  When I finally landed for good, my palms were propping me up and my legs contorted behind me, still on the lower steps.

My first thought went to my 19-month-old, who was howling above me.  Luckily, he had only gone down a couple steps and was already on his feet, albeit in tears, staring down at me.  I reassured him, trying to be calm and comforting, that "Mama is okay, mama is okay!"

I moved myself into a sitting position as gingerly as I could, taking stock of my extremities.  Arms - fine.  Hands - scratched up but fine.  Legs - moveable.  Feet - ow.  The one that got twisted felt extremely wrong.  It throbbed.  It shook strangely.  Pains shot violently through it.  I touched it to the floor and knew I couldn't walk on it.

Then, when I knew there were no bones jutting out of my body or bleeding, I checked out my pregnant belly, which seemed surprisingly unscathed.

I was able to pull myself up to a stand, grab the railing, and hop painfully up the basement steps.    All the while, wincing through the pain, I tried to smile and assure Cormac that all was well...mama was just playing a fun game, hopping like a kangaroo.

The kid is no fool.  He followed me up the steps and continued to howl, not buying my story one bit.

I couldn't pick him up like he wanted {insert extreme mama guilt here} so I hobbled slowly around the side of the house (we have no interior basement entrance as of right now) and kept trying to cheerily convince him to come with me.  Finally, he followed me to the front door and came inside, where I contemplated calling an ambulance, but called Hubby instead.  It was then that I allowed myself to shed tears due to the pain.  He came home immediately, and I felt baby move in my belly in his/her normal fashion...which made me feel much better.

Long story short - a sprained foot.  My first sprain or or any type of injury requiring me to wrap up a body part and use crutches.  Only took thirty-one years!

So here I am, less than 24 hours later, on my way to visit my sister in Montana.  Very glad nothing worse happened and I am still able to make the trip.  I told my sister I will be hopping around like Lisa Turtle on Saved by the Bell, dancing 'The Sprain.'

If you don't remember this, you need to.  Here is the clip so we can wax nostalgic together...

Surprisingly, I am having a lovely time in the airport, getting wheeled around by sweet and chipper airport personnel, and having person after person offer to carry things for me.  I am shocked no one has followed me into the bathroom stall to help with that, too!!!

This all restores my faith in humanity.  

My faith in my own equilibrium is completely shot, though.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 in random photos

I am not a big Instagrammer (c'mon spellcheck...surely that is a word by now!)

I use it on occasion and have absolutely no clue how to transfer the photos to my computer.

I actually lug around my dslr most of the time to capture the randomness...because mostly I am around the house.  I also have a small point-and-shoot that I keep in my purse, but usually forget about.   It is right there next to my phone...if I haven't forgotten that at home.

My point is that I can't join in with my fellow bloggers and do "Insta-Lately" posts, or some other creatively named posts consisting solely of coolish-looking Instagram shots.  

Instead you get these.  Normal photos.  Sorry.  

Okay, is it weird that his molars are already coming in????  He practically has a full set of baby teeth!

I would be remiss if I didn't post a completely inappropriate naked butt shot of my child.  'The naked chef...'

" it nap time yet???? 
All these crazy pillows on your bed are making me sleepy!"

Yes, he chose to insisted on putting on my fuzzy slipper boots.  

Elmo, why do I always have to be tripping over you???
{PS - Cormac can now say "Eeeeeeel-mo!"}

Donating some sweetness to this 'Shepherd's Share!' 

Dang - these two are inseparable!  No wonder 'Elmo' is his first real two syllable word.

Random salad creation - and new catalogs to peruse - double awesome!
arugula, halved red grapes, walnuts, goat cheese, creamy poppyseed dressing, grilled chicken
 Baked some homemade blueberry muffins...

Hubby brought me an orchid home one night.  I must have been extra whiney that day... :D

Look!  My son is so amazing he can already spell!  Okay, so he can draw a bunch of straight lines...but still...

These next few photos will show you that my child is definitely a daddy's boy.
Here they are, watching last night's basketball game...

Everything about this makes me happy.

Sorry Hubby...this was too cute not to share.
Tackling the steps.  I have to stay at least six feet away or he will come push me away...

The smile that makes all the tantrums and toddler 'tude completely vanish from my mind...



Monday, February 11, 2013

sweet somethings from : a sock monkey shower!

Yesterday I had the honor of throwing a little baby shower for one of my dear friends.
This is her second pregnancy,
as she has a darling 4-year-old girl,
but her first boy!!!!

The trend these days is to call it a 'sprinkle'
if it is a second baby; it what you want...
we did our best 
to shower 
Alicia and soon-to-be 'big sister'
Avery with all our love.

Avery picked the theme of 'monkeys'...
so we ran with it!

cake and all desserts done by Alicia's friend Laurie - so talented!

guests-of-honor...with mama enjoying a mango mimosa {alcohol-free version! :)}

sock monkey riding a 'diaper motorcycle'
faux champagne and onesie decorating!
my friend and co-hostess, laura {also, it was held in her beautiful home!!!}
another sweet little one in attendance
avery enjoying the monkey from the cake

even the inside was cute!

a truly lovely group of ladies - we had fun!!!
me and the mama and sister-to-be
I'm not above taunting small dogs with sock monkeys
soon to be a family of four!
Thank you for letting me be a part of this celebration, Alicia!
You have been such an awesome friend and you inspire in many ways, 
especially as a mama.
Can't wait for many more play-dates to come!

You're almost there!