Monday, February 11, 2013

sweet somethings from : a sock monkey shower!

Yesterday I had the honor of throwing a little baby shower for one of my dear friends.
This is her second pregnancy,
as she has a darling 4-year-old girl,
but her first boy!!!!

The trend these days is to call it a 'sprinkle'
if it is a second baby; it what you want...
we did our best 
to shower 
Alicia and soon-to-be 'big sister'
Avery with all our love.

Avery picked the theme of 'monkeys'...
so we ran with it!

cake and all desserts done by Alicia's friend Laurie - so talented!

guests-of-honor...with mama enjoying a mango mimosa {alcohol-free version! :)}

sock monkey riding a 'diaper motorcycle'
faux champagne and onesie decorating!
my friend and co-hostess, laura {also, it was held in her beautiful home!!!}
another sweet little one in attendance
avery enjoying the monkey from the cake

even the inside was cute!

a truly lovely group of ladies - we had fun!!!
me and the mama and sister-to-be
I'm not above taunting small dogs with sock monkeys
soon to be a family of four!
Thank you for letting me be a part of this celebration, Alicia!
You have been such an awesome friend and you inspire in many ways, 
especially as a mama.
Can't wait for many more play-dates to come!

You're almost there!


  1. I have never heard of a sprinkle! And I've never been to a 2nd baby shower! Hmmmm....Come on friends of mine! ;) Get on the ball! Hahaha.

    Looks lovely. And what a beautiful big sister.

  2. I love all of this! Such a cute theme! Also, the banoffee cake...drool! Banana and toffee are seriously my too favorite treats! Put them together and I'd be in heaven!!

    Congrats to your friend!


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