Thursday, February 7, 2013

{24 week bumpdate}

It's getting real.  I'm getting huge.  I'm having those Braxton-Hicks I also had around this time (I think) last pregnancy.  At best I can say I am muddling through.  Trying to stay active. (succeeding!)  Trying to not get sick (failing!)   Trying not to be a crazy, emotional nutcase 100% of the time (no comment!) Trying to eat healthy (many successes and failures!)   On that note, I think it is funny how I used to feel guilty if I ate too much.  I am hyperaware of how much food I am consuming when I am not preggo.

Now I feel guilty if I skip a meal.  I am always thinking - "Baby needs food!" whether that be a rational justification or not.  I probably eat more than baby needs.  But it is awfully fun to have this excuse.

I will enjoy this new mindset - to the fullest - it while it lasts.

And yes, my kid is sucking on a Tootsie Pop.  Judge away, people.  I had pictures to take.

(Here is my blog post at 24 weeks last pregnancy -- I think I look so much younger! Oh, how children age you!)

Rants {the crappy stuff}:
  • Sleeping, or lack thereof.  Every little sound/breath/snore/movement wakes me up.  Takes at least a half hour to fall back asleep.  
  • Bump discomfort.   I can't lean over while sitting to pick thing up anymore.  I can't hold Cormac on my lap like I used to while reading him books.  I struggle to hold him/carry him at all.  Needless to say we have been practicing 'walking like a big boy' a LOT.  I can't even imagine how I am going to look/feel at forty weeks...if I make it that far, which I doubt.  I am predicting at least two weeks early.   I really think my due date is off.  More than the six days off that I measured at my ultrasound.  Just a hunch.
  • Leg cramps.  I got one while Paul and I were out on a movie date.  We were, sadly, in the middle of the row and I hate walking over people.  It was also the end of the movie, which I didn't want to miss.  So I half stood up in my seat and did a fun little dance to work out the leg cramp, tears nearly streaming down my face from the pain.  I'd like the call it 'the Django' - the D is silent.
  • Got violently ill a couple nights ago and spent the night hugging the toilet.  Got a nosebleed and broke a blood vessel in my left eye, it was that bad.   If you look closely at the pics you can tell.
Raves {the happy stuff}: 
  • Blissfully indulging in dessert each night. 
  • Feeling the baby move...although I tend to not notice it as much this pregnancy.  I don't have as much time/focus to sit quietly and tune into my body.  
  • Watching Cormac try to 'feed' my belly plastic food, give it hugs, rub it with lotion, and give it a high five.  
  • No stretch marks, leg vein issues, or linea nigra - yet. 
  • Not having to shave my legs as much!  For some reason when I am pregnant my leg hair gets really fine, so I hardly have to shave them.  Um, awesome!   
  • My sister is pregnant, too!!!!!!  We always wanted to be pregnant together, and here we are, she on her 4th pregnancy, me on my 2nd, 24 and 13 weeks, respectively.  Added bonus:  I am traveling to Montana to visit her this month!  
Weight gain: 18 pounds.  In the last four weeks I gained about seven pounds.  Feeling it in the booty, and of course, the bump. 
Nausea:  Had a few bouts of it around 22 weeks.  I think it was indigestion/acid reflux related.   
Skin: Blech.  
Boobs:  Same.  Large and in charge.  Hate wearing bras. Ow. Ow. Ow.
Cravings:  Grape soda.  Must be in a can.  Root beer.  Must be on ice.  Craved a glass of wine last night...but showed good restraint.   
Aversions:  None.  I can eat anything in sight.  Literally.  I shouldn't say that...I probably am being much more healthy/moderate than I am letting on.  Although I did eat Cheetos and a piece of cake for lunch the other day.  Not my proudest moment.
Exercise: Pilates starting to get a little awkward/difficult...but I still go every Friday.  Instructor says she is surprised at how much I can do.  Sadly,   Trying not to overdo it during my M-F gym workouts, but can still go pretty fast on the elliptical and stairclimber.   I do 45 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of free weights/squats/lunges each day. 
Dreams: I dream a lot, and very vividly...but not about the baby or pregnancy.  Bummer.
Clothing:  Maternity pants, sweatpants, yoga pants.  Maternity tops are a must.  Needing to invest in larger/longer/stretchier gym clothes.  My two pair of maternity jeans from last time maybe fit a little better...but still - butt sag!
Heartbeat: 145 
Baby movement: Plenty!  Baby seems really low, though.  I always feel him/her sub-belly button. 
Gender speculation: I still think boy.  I still think I was born to be a 'boy mama.'   Although I did buy a couple cute girl outfits...just in case!   Baby seriously needs to be a boy or we'll go broke.
Baby names: Had a few moments of waffling recently.  Second-guessed my boy name a couple times.  (Then went back to it, since Hubby did not like the 'new' name I came up with.)  Here is a another hint: it is the name of a character in a movie.  An awesome movie. Also, an awesome short story, which the movie is based on.  (I know, I am always very helpful with my hints.)  Boy or girl, we have had one middle name chosen for quite a while, that we both really love.  Hint is that it is the last name of a female author.  Chew on that.  :)
jeans - old navy maternity//shirt - liz lange(target)//scarf - gift(thanks karen!)//coat - gap
Hubby feels: Thinks my belly is as big now as it was when I delivered last time.  {It's not.}  Laughed when I burst into tears during a segment of Ellen the other day (she paid for a bunch of kids to go to college!!!!} Also thought it was funny when I ate a huge dinner the other night and had to "let out" my already elastic-banded maternity pants.  (That is when you know it's bad - the maternity pants are not even comfortable.)  Also remarked that we needed a crane to get me up off the couch at night to go to bed.  Somehow he is still alive today.  (PS:  Before you go thinking he is a mean hubby...he is also very complimentary about my preggo bod!!!)
Bump progress:


  1. You look awesome!!

    I want to put my guess in for your names but I know if I'm right you won't tell me lol

  2. I was just thinking how you were in the "cute and small" bump phase....So get ready for large and in are nothing yet! Right around 24 weeks is the cutest bump, I think.

    145 hmmm...that would be girl......Although I don't believe anything about the heartrate anymore! Maggie was in the 120s and 130s. I am still gonna say boy. But I can imagine you with a girl. I am so wishy washy. ;) Either way, he/she will be a cutie.


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