Sunday, March 20, 2011

baby bump alert: a pea in my pod

"There's a pea in your pod!"
a woman at work exclaims to me every day.
She yells it across the room, and I can only grin and nod.
Another sweet lady, twice my height, with an infectious grin who calls me "Cuz"tells me:
"You look good with a little weight on you, Cuz!"
However, I am now addressed mostly as "Mama."
Which I thought would feel weird...
but it doesn't.
It warms my heart
and makes Baby kick a little harder.

{cheesy yet classic: the heart/belly button pic}
This is the sweet spot of pregnancy.  Where the "Pea" is not incredibly nauseating, and the "Pod" is not uncomfortably big.  I can still wear my high heels.  No stretch marks yet. {Knock on wood.}  Weight gain of 22 pounds.   Maternity clothes are no longer optional.  I embrace changing into sweatpants as soon as I get home from work.  

Though it be sweet...this portion of my "pea in the pod-ness" has it's moments.  Speaking of peas...
 I seem to be peeing constantly.

I dream strange pregnancy dreams.  Like giving birth to a slice of pizza...and even trying to breastfeed it.  {FYI this is not an easy feat!}

I finally registered!  Which, though initially daunting, was incredibly fun.  A huge thank you to those of you that gave me much-needed mommy advice.  Keep it coming!  It all helped me immensely!  I feel a little more confident I will be equipped with the necessities.


Well, time to go eat pizza and peas!



  1. I miss you! <3 LY! M

  2. Gotta love the heart belly button photos! ;) You look great. Being pregnant is so much better than you expected, right? :) It is for me!!!

  3. You look beautiful! This is such a special time of life- enjoy all of it.

  4. You are Gorgeous G! Keep rocking the baby glow:)


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