Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Spent the weekend in New York City 
with Hubby.  My fourth time there, and it is always, always a grand time!  
The main focus was watching the NCAA tournament games in Newark, NJ;
however, we got to spend time with friends and fellow fans in Hoboken,
wander Times Square, dine in Little Italy, and explore Chinatown.

Here are seven sweet somethings from our trip...

1. night out in little italy {sipping pellegrino in lieu of chianti}

2.  sipping cappuccino afterwards

3. imagining life living in a historic n.y.c. apartment

4. view from our hotel room 

 5. chinese lanterns

6. tiny buns - yummy, tiny buns 

7. victory for the kentucky wildcats! 

Hope your weekend held many sweet moments!



  1. We need a girls' trip to NYC! :-) M

  2. Ooohh.....Love those apartment buildings. Makes me wanna move back into one! ;)


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