Thursday, September 27, 2012

6 places + 5 foods + 4 books = playing catch-up!

Been a little distracted by unpacking and organizing process going on full-swing in the 'dream home.'  So, extremely late, here are:

6 places...
1. boundary waters canoe area
2. my kitchen {even in its current state}
3. my parent's farm
4. napa valley
5. seattle
6. new york city {any season, for any reason}

5 foods...
1. pizza
2. warm, crusty bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar
3. goat cheese {plain, on things, doesn't matter}
4. hummus + 'naked' pita chips
5. 'my' chipotle burrito - steak, rice, corn salsa, cheese + sour cream
(Yes, clearly I like cheese and carbs.)

4 books...
1. pride and prejudice and zombies - reading right now, think is hilarious and fantastic!
2. the great gatsby - how can you not be in love with this novel?
3. the poisonwood bible - such a good read about sisterhood and motherhood.
4. the awakening - will forever remind me of my college women's lit days.  so much to analyze, such a classic.

Linking up again here with these lovely ladies...

We close on the sale of our 'other' house tomorrow -
so happy and hopeful that all goes well!

Hope all is going beautifully in your world!