Wednesday, September 5, 2012

7 wants

Source: via Erlinda on Pinterest

Oh, if only I could rub a magic lamp and get seven wishes {three is simply not enough!}  Here would be the desires of my least in this moment:

1. to be done moving already {this weekend we will officially be in the new house!}
2. to never move again
3. to have another little one - someday.  I got the baby fever, ya'll.  All my friends seem to be preggo.  Okay, that is an extreme exaggeration...but there are quite a few in my life at the moment.  It is making my ovaries hurt.  {Despite my case of ' baby fevah' Hubby and I are not in any way trying to get preggo.  In fact, we are 'the opposite of trying.'  As much as I like being pregnant I am loving not being pregnant and treasuring only having to deal with one kiddo.}
4. a cozy window seat
5. a vacation. 
6. for Cormac to skip the teenage years.  Dreading having a teenager.  No thanks.  
7. to have enough energy at the end of the day to read more than one page of a book.  Maybe I am reading the wrong books?

If you are just joining me, I am participating with the lovely ladies here and here, with their Ten Day YOU Challenge...

What?  The week is already half over???  
{hey - even SAHMs appreciate a short work week...}