Sunday, April 22, 2012

white subway tile backsplash - inspirations!

My style in homes has remained fairly consistent throughout the years.  From the very first apartment I rented on my own.  Though it was a tiny studio, with one large room that housed my bed, living area, and what can only be described as a "kitchenette," as well as a teeny office and bathroom, it still had the elements that I love in a home.  As did the apartment after that, and after that...

Age.  If the building isn't at least one hundred years old I most likely don't live there.  There are always those elements of charm that come with old houses that make my heart beat faster: pocket doors, ancient built-ins, stained glass.

Hardwood floors.  Sweet, creaky, beautiful hardwood floors.  Scratched and loved.

Reeeeeally tall ceilings.  Maybe because I suffer from claustrophobia.  Maybe because I love drama.  I gotta have some tall ceilings to wander under.

 Now Hubby and I are on our third house.  Well, halfway between our 2nd and 3rd.  All three of these homes have had the above elements.

But one thing I've never had, that I love?  A backsplash in the kitchen.   Can you believe that?  Never.  Seems pretty commonplace, right?  Everyone has a backsplash.  Some kind of pretty, tile affair.

Not us.  Never.  Just drywall.  Not pretty!

So finally, after years of dreaming, I am geting my backsplash.

White subway tile.  Simple, classic.

Here are a few of my 'inspirations' from Pinterest: 

Source: via Greta on Pinterest

Source: via Greta on Pinterest

Source: via Greta on Pinterest

Source: via Greta on Pinterest

Finished product to be shared this week!

Happy Sunday to you!