Sunday, April 22, 2012

white subway tile backsplash - inspirations!

My style in homes has remained fairly consistent throughout the years.  From the very first apartment I rented on my own.  Though it was a tiny studio, with one large room that housed my bed, living area, and what can only be described as a "kitchenette," as well as a teeny office and bathroom, it still had the elements that I love in a home.  As did the apartment after that, and after that...

Age.  If the building isn't at least one hundred years old I most likely don't live there.  There are always those elements of charm that come with old houses that make my heart beat faster: pocket doors, ancient built-ins, stained glass.

Hardwood floors.  Sweet, creaky, beautiful hardwood floors.  Scratched and loved.

Reeeeeally tall ceilings.  Maybe because I suffer from claustrophobia.  Maybe because I love drama.  I gotta have some tall ceilings to wander under.

 Now Hubby and I are on our third house.  Well, halfway between our 2nd and 3rd.  All three of these homes have had the above elements.

But one thing I've never had, that I love?  A backsplash in the kitchen.   Can you believe that?  Never.  Seems pretty commonplace, right?  Everyone has a backsplash.  Some kind of pretty, tile affair.

Not us.  Never.  Just drywall.  Not pretty!

So finally, after years of dreaming, I am geting my backsplash.

White subway tile.  Simple, classic.

Here are a few of my 'inspirations' from Pinterest: 

Source: via Greta on Pinterest

Source: via Greta on Pinterest

Source: via Greta on Pinterest

Source: via Greta on Pinterest

Finished product to be shared this week!

Happy Sunday to you!


  1. LOVE the white subway tile! Even in our VERY small {but old! ;} kitchen, it was one of my favorite additions.

    Can't wait to see it!

  2. I was never a fan of white kitchens until recently. Some are so gorgeous with marble countertops and white subway tile. Can't wait to see yours!

  3. white subway tile is my fave too!!! we don't have any backsplash either and i'm not so sure we'll be investing in one here but soooommmmmeday...just maybe. I'm sure it will be gorgeous. Cannot wait to see the finished product.

  4. I'm so jealous! I want a back splash! That will look very cool! Can't wait to see the pics!

  5. I love the white tile look. I have a pic I am saving for a bathroom redo that includes them. Is this for the house you are redoing or the one you are selling? Can't wait to see the color you paint the outside of your new house!!!!!!

  6. This is in the house we are selling...but of course we may be living here a while!!! :) I imagine I'll be cooking in this kitchen a LOT before we actually sell. We may do the subway tile in the new kitchen as well, though. :D Tiling is a fairly easy job to do yourself -- you should try in your bathroom! :)


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