Wednesday, April 25, 2012

busy, busy, busy

This week is busy.  Therefore, this post is really random.

The kitchen backsplash is in progress...however, Hubby is out of town for several days so it will have to wait.  Believe me, you don't want me tiling anything.  When it comes to home projects, please refer to me as "bright idea girl" and Hubby as "detail guy/actual do-er."   We know our roles.

Here is a teaser of the backsplash, still in pieces, from a food post I probably won't ever get to:

Meanwhile, I've been staining our privacy fence {okay, that I can do} and, of course, planting things in the garden at both houses.  The people at the Lowe's Garden Center know me and my baby by name at this point.  Sad?  No, awesome.

These shots are not from my garden...but snagged then on one of our many walks through the neighborhood:

Halfway through reading the racy bestselling novel Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James.  Um...I can't decide if it is a good book, or if I just keep reading it because it is just one big naughty sex scene.  Has anyone else out there dared to read this novel?  I need a book club now to discuss this one!

Speaking of 'shades of gray,' The house we are renovating is in the midst of having the exterior painted {reveal to come!}  This is not the shade of gray we chose.  We actually painted a huge part of the front of the house this color, before deciding on something else.  The painter was loving us, let me tell you.

I'm growing herbs...and they are actually growing!  This is a first for me.  Well, an herb, I should say.  

Meanwhile, Baby Cormac continues in his journey toward walking.  Yesterday he stood unassisted for five full seconds.  Then he fell on his butt and burst into tears.  But it was pretty cool while it was happening!

doesn't my dog look kind of like an angel here?  :)

Yay for almost-walking babies and 
busy, busy, busy 


  1. love the backsplash thus far. I love having fresh basil around. We did that last year and I plan to do it again just for the summer dishes. Yum!!

    I'm seeing alot about this book. Enough that I am intrigued!

  2. the backsplash is looking great! is that at your "new" or current house? ...and this book is next on my list!! {after i finish the 3 i'm currently reading, lol!} --i actually think my book club is going to read it next. we're meeting this weekend to discuss our current book ~ i can let you know what we decide? you're welcome to join us for a 50SoG rendezvous if it goes down! :) i can keep you posted if you'd like!

  3. You have no idea how many times I've suggested starting a book club to people! They usually make me feel like I am ancient! But I have always thought it would be fun. Super cute pictures, and I can't wait to see all the finished products!

  4. Can't wait to see finished pics! I can't believe your little Mac is standing! Our little Mack is ages away from that yet! ;)

    I love growing my basil. Can't have it outside yet, here, but I've used it in quite a few things, and LOVE having it around.


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