Friday, February 19, 2016

stitch fix : florida fix!

Hello Friday!  

I'm coming off of three days all to myself which, if you are a mama, is a rarity.  Hubby was on a business trip for five days, and my amazing in-laws decided to give me a little break by taking the kiddos for most of the time he was gone.  Wow.  It was weird to be by myself in the house for that long.  When you are a stay-at-home mama you get so used to a house full of noises that the quiet struck me as kind of weird...and a bit sad!  I did get a LOT accomplished, such as moving all of Cormac's stuff to his new bedroom!  I am excited to share his new room once we've put a few finishing touches on it.  Now his former room is empty and ready to be transformed into our master bathroom...hurrah!

Another thing I finally got to do was take photos of my latest Stitch Fix items!  I got my box a couple weeks ago, but with the kiddos no longer taking afternoon naps I never got a chance to do my "nap time photo shoot."    So this photo shoot only has my "keeps" -- of which there were three!  A very good Fix, I must say.

Despite the snow on the ground outside, I got to pretend for a day that it was summer and I could dress myself for my favorite season.  Boots are fine and sweaters are cozy...but when it comes to fashion I much prefer tank tops and maxi dresses and wedge sandals and all of it bathed in beautiful sunshine!

So, for this Fix I requested that my stylist Hillary send me some cute items for our upcoming Florida family beach vacation.  Specifically I was hoping for a bold maxi dress with a halter top, and some flared jeans, and I really wanted to try the "cold shoulder" trend I've been seeing and really loving.

Here are my keepers...

#1 Jaye Cutout Shoulder Top (by THML)
So I guess at the mention of my Florida trip my stylist thought maybe Florida Gator colors would be best?  In any case -- I love this top!!!!  The cut-outs are really cute, I can wear a normal bra with it, and while it is flowy it is still flattering (i.e. does not make me look pregnant.)  Winner!  While I'm not a Gators fan, I love the orange and blue together.  I bet I'll like it even more once I get a bit of sunshine (er, or bronzer) on my skin!   Can someone please recommend to me a good bronzer?! Anyway, this top was an easy keep.

#2 Caspar Maxi Dress (by Collective Concepts) 
Maxi dresses are a must-have for summer because they are so comfy and really are flattering on any figure.  I kept this one because of its bold print, fun colors (again with the FL colors!) and the halter top with cut out makes a statement and is different than any other maxi I have.  I like that it has a built in half-slip, too!  I feel really comfortable and beachy in it, yet still dressy, so I think it will be perfect for all types of events this summer.

#3 Blossom Flared Jean ( by Level 99)
I know I look like a nerd in the booty shot above...but I love these jeans, particularly from the back. Flares are back and, oh my goodness,  this girl is happy!  While I've tried to embrace skinny jeans, the fact is : I have short legs and flares/boot cuts are simply more flattering on curvy bottom halves. These jeans are soft and comfy and have a fun wide flare at the bottom.  Believe me I'm gonna enjoy this trend while it's around...because it seems to come and go quickly.

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? I have been getting Fixes every other month or so for over a year, and honestly I am loving it more and more.  It is really convenient for the busy mama who really doesn't want to spend her free moments trying on a million items at the mall. Honestly, while I don't adore every single item I'm sent, almost all of my favorite items in my wardrobe have come from Stitch Fix.

Plus, it's just fun.  Fun to get the box, to see what your stylist picked, and fun to try it on with other items in your wardrobe.  Then, whatever you don't want you just put back in the envelope provided and mail back.  Easy!  Plus, you get to decide how often you want a Fix, you pick the specific day you want it to arrive, and you can ask for specific items or to try a specific trend.  As you can see above, your stylist will do her best to deliver on your requests.
If you feel inspired to schedule your own Fix, use my referral link by clicking here!  I don't get anything from Stitch Fix for blogging about how much I love it, but if you use my link and end up getting a Fix down the road I earn a $25 credit.  You will, too, if you refer your friends!  It's kind of awesome.

What trends are you wanting to try out this season?  

Have a beautiful weekend!