Thursday, October 31, 2013

{halloween memories}

I have fond childhood memories of Halloween.
Our costumes were never fancy.
Always put together from thrift store purchases, 
items we already owned, 
or were worn by older siblings.

Dad always walked with us all over the neighborhood, collecting candy.
This was back when you actually had to walk up to the door and ring the bell and yell trick-or-treat, 
instead of just walk by the parent sitting at the edge of their driveway, chatting with the neighbors and drinking beer, and grab a handful.
Or is that just my neighborhood???
fairy, hobo, crabby bunny and patchwork mouse (???) 
 This was all stuff we already had, thrift store, or, in my case, my sister's old dance costume...
cool dude (??? - not sure but love the avs), dancer, and  cowgirl
I never took a dance class.  Surprising, right?
My baby bro's superman costume below was also worn as pajamas all that winter...
since when did superman wear swim goggles?
This is my older bro and sis and our cousin...
um...methinks my sister needs a diap change.  but could she be cuter???
 ...and me in the exact same Rapunzel(???) dress and wig five years later...looking a little less enthused...
knight, nurse, and disgruntled rapunzel
I adore looking back on these photographs.
This is why taking a million photos of your kiddos throughout their childhood is 100% worth it.
I can't wait to dig the rest out of our basement!
Anyway - 
finally Hubby and I have made it to an stage in parenthood where Halloween is actually fun.
Cormac is now two and actually excited for it.
Sure, we dressed him up the past two years,
and I loved it...
but now he can love it.
Which is a million times better.

This year I was charged with getting both of our kiddos costumes for under $20, which I did almost successfully!
Pics to come soon!