Thursday, January 1, 2015

//2015 resolutions -- less is more//

It's one of those days you take stock.  You feel revived (or hung over.)  You have big dreams for a new year.

Last night I stayed up until midnight for the first time in several years -- probably since having kids. No, we didn't go out and party.  We ordered takeout sushi rolls and shrimp fried rice, I drank a Red Bull (in order to stay up) and we watched a movie.  I knew it had struck the magical hour of midnight not because of a countdown or someone trying to kiss me or confetti flying through the air, but because I heard fireworks outside our home which prompted me to check the time.  12:01.

The proverbial ball had dropped in our city -- it was 2015!  And we were snuggled on the couch watching Wolf of Wall Street on NetFlix.

So it's not glamorous -- but it is our life currently, and it is kind of a lovely one, in my book.

Hubby and I have had flashy, exciting New Year's celebrations before.  Going out with friends and dressing to the nines.  I am sure we will again!  But during these days of babies and toddlers and lack of sleep, it is jammies and takeout and a movie.

Now it is 6:30 in the morning and time for me to make the resolutions 'blog official.' Somehow it always helps to write things out - in a journal, blog, or scrap of paper you hang on your fridge.

I have quite a few resolutions and personal things I really want to work on this year.  I am sure we all do, right?  But if pressed for concrete goals, here are my two:

1) Run my first marathon.  I am up to the 14 mile point in my training and I am loving my long runs.   I am excited to complete this goal I have had in my mind for such a long time!
2) Learn to sew.  Okay, so not only did I not start cooking until I got married at age twenty-six, but I really had not acquired any of the life skills that most of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers all were required to know.  Honestly, I am not even sure I could efficiently hand sew a button. If you had a mother or grandma that taught you these things, consider that a blessing!  We went through a period in time where these skills seemed to become obsolete and only in recent years (thank you Etsy and Pinterest!) that knowing how to DIY has once again become a useful, desired, and marketable skill. I am excited in the nerdiest of ways to learn to use my new sewing machine.   I already have a list of things I want to make, and I am hopeful I become proficient enough in the coming years to be able to teach Cormac and Finola a thing or two when they are old enough.

So that is it -- two major things to accomplish.  Doesn't seem like much.  I think that naturally I will accomplish more than this, but I don't want to stress myself out complicating things.  I like this as my mantra for the year...

+ + + + + +

What are your goals/resolutions for 2015?