Thursday, August 21, 2014

//my subtle blonde ombre//

I cannot believe summer is winding down and Cormac is on the verge of starting pre-school.


In honor of "back to school" season I recently got my hair cut and highlighted.
(Just kidding...I did it just because I desperately needed a trim.)

I decided to try the ombre trend by keeping my natural light ash brown on top, 
and adding some subtle blonde highlights on the bottom half...
Okay, so I realize my dark + grainy phone pic makes it hard to tell... but I love the beachy, updated vibe it gives my long hair.  The price tag was a little steep, I will definitely be keeping it long for a while to make this splurge worth the cash!

Ah, if only ombre had been in style when I was fifteen!   Then growing out my hair after dousing in with Sun-In all summer wouldn't have looked so ridiculous...
'1996 ombre' - aka "really bad roots"
Perhaps my new 'do will help people stop asking where in the world my kiddos get their blindingly bright blonde hair?  Probably not.  But here are some more photos dug out of the archives to prove that, yes, I once had some natural blonde locks...oh, and a bit of natural curl!
little g - age 2
probably 3 or 4
my 6th birthday party - still rockin' some blonde wispies in that ponytail
My hair started getting darker around age eight.  So perhaps my two little blondies will turn out to be brunettes in the end.

Has anyone else out there tried ombre?   I think it is one of those really fun trends that we will all kick ourselves for in twenty years and whip out embarassing photos.  Along with the high-waisted shorts and crop tops (that I definitely won't be rockin' any time soon.)
Check out my hair inspiration board on Pinterest if you are thinking about ombre yourself!

Hope everyone is having an amazing week!