Wednesday, February 13, 2013 in random photos

I am not a big Instagrammer (c'mon spellcheck...surely that is a word by now!)

I use it on occasion and have absolutely no clue how to transfer the photos to my computer.

I actually lug around my dslr most of the time to capture the randomness...because mostly I am around the house.  I also have a small point-and-shoot that I keep in my purse, but usually forget about.   It is right there next to my phone...if I haven't forgotten that at home.

My point is that I can't join in with my fellow bloggers and do "Insta-Lately" posts, or some other creatively named posts consisting solely of coolish-looking Instagram shots.  

Instead you get these.  Normal photos.  Sorry.  

Okay, is it weird that his molars are already coming in????  He practically has a full set of baby teeth!

I would be remiss if I didn't post a completely inappropriate naked butt shot of my child.  'The naked chef...'

" it nap time yet???? 
All these crazy pillows on your bed are making me sleepy!"

Yes, he chose to insisted on putting on my fuzzy slipper boots.  

Elmo, why do I always have to be tripping over you???
{PS - Cormac can now say "Eeeeeeel-mo!"}

Donating some sweetness to this 'Shepherd's Share!' 

Dang - these two are inseparable!  No wonder 'Elmo' is his first real two syllable word.

Random salad creation - and new catalogs to peruse - double awesome!
arugula, halved red grapes, walnuts, goat cheese, creamy poppyseed dressing, grilled chicken
 Baked some homemade blueberry muffins...

Hubby brought me an orchid home one night.  I must have been extra whiney that day... :D

Look!  My son is so amazing he can already spell!  Okay, so he can draw a bunch of straight lines...but still...

These next few photos will show you that my child is definitely a daddy's boy.
Here they are, watching last night's basketball game...

Everything about this makes me happy.

Sorry Hubby...this was too cute not to share.
Tackling the steps.  I have to stay at least six feet away or he will come push me away...

The smile that makes all the tantrums and toddler 'tude completely vanish from my mind...




  1. Hahaha. I was just gonna do a random pic post. Love all the pics. Mack has mastered the straight chalk lines. Was trying to teach him a circle. ;)

  2. Such fantastic photos. I have to admit I am partial to the toddler naked tush shots. Hopefully that doesn't make me sound weird. They are just so squishy and cute! :) Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. omg, love that last photo. these are so great Greta. love love love the blond hair!! such a cutie pie.

  4. Aw these are so so so cute! I love them. The shot of the boys watching the game is just adorable.


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