Thursday, February 28, 2013

design journal : toddler room inspirations!

One of the really fun and exciting things for me about having a baby is the excuse I have to decorate!  For this second babe I don't have to worry too much about the nursery {although I will do a 'reveal' on that after the birth and I know the gender} but it means that Cormac will be transitioning from his crib and the nursery to his toddler room.  AH!  It all is so thrilling -- to me, at least.  Hubby's eyes glaze over when I start to gush about it.

I've been thinking about this room even before we got preggo again.

Here are a few of the ideas that will be included in the 'big boy room'...

This is a repainted version of the Ikea kid table - Latt.  Only 20 bucks for the table and two chairs.  I am  also repainting and doing the chalkboard painted top.
The Kura bed from Ikea is what we are going with.   You can assemble it as a low bed, or like a mini-loft as shown below.  We took Cormac to Ikea to 'try out' all the kiddo beds, and he had a fun time tearing this one apart.  I decided I wanted to go with a low twin bed, rather than a toddler bed that requires a smaller mattress and won't last him very long.  This one he can use for a longer period of time.  Hopefully.  Click on the source link beneath photo to a great post showing other Kura transformations!  There are so many cute things you can do with this bed!  Don't worry...we are starting with the low version!!!

Here is a hint to the color scheme.  I love the pale blue with the bright red contrast.  But expect it to be a lot more traditional.  I'm usually prefer more of a modern look to decor...but this room is coming together as rather traditional and I am okay with that

Here is just more of what I like {pale blue walls, fun pops of bright color}plus -- cube storage {sideways bookcase from Ikea!}  I am gonna place this in front of one of his windows for a 'window seat' since he loves when I let him look out at all the outdoor goings-on!

And there must be a tent.  There simply must...
Source: via Greta on Pinterest

Wood is ordered for the flooring in the kiddo rooms!  Painting and floor install will be done by end of April.  Then, it is just getting everything in/decorated before new baby arrives end of May!  Pressure! 


  1. It sure is fun to decorate kiddos' rooms!!!! :) What is in the floors of the their rooms now?

  2. I love pale blue and red together. such cute ideas and I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  3. I love love love your style! He is going to have the cutest room! We are doing the Ikea bookcase turned window seat/storage too, such a great idea. I'm not sure what I ever did before Pinterest. I wish we lived closer together... oh the decorating and shopping fun (trouble) we would get into.


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