Monday, December 10, 2012

st. maarten babymoon.

Ah, beautiful St. Maarten!
This was where Hubby planned our beach vacation, 
and I must say we both loved the island.
Perfect beach weather, felt safe, had no itinerary...
just complete relaxation.
I must say, vacationing in your second trimester is much more enjoyable than in your first!

My favorite things?
1. our hotel (nice pick hubby!}
2. staying up late, knowing I could sleep in the next day
3. the "classy" topless beaches, as opposed to the fully nude tourist attractions.
4. the way the islanders had no problem asking about my pregnancy
5. roundabouts
6. actually finishing a book in one day
7. relishing in all the food a gal could ask for - especially desserts!
8. have actual quality time with my husband
9. taking long, hot leisurely showers...without fear of a baby waking from a nap or being too tired to enjoy it.
10. not having to clean up after anyone.

*  *  *  *  *  

swimming at friar's bay 

me and my preggo belly {and new bangs!} - ready to hit the beach!

yummy beach drink!

view from our balcony at the holland house beach hotel.

view from the top of pic du paradis

at dinner one night.

sunset at mullet bay...pronounced {moo-LAY} unless you are from KY.

after a day at the beach!

walking down one of the alleys while shopping in phillipsburg

the island specialty - guavaberry rum drink

I could tell you it was just as much fun sipping "fruit juice" as it would have been drinking a ton of "guavaberry rum punch drinks" like the one Hubby is enjoying above...

...but then I'd be a big pregnant liar.  

Anyway, we got back Thursday night and then it was immediately back to the realities of kitchen renovations and full-time mamahood.   Kiddo got a black eye {Jimmy's Johns booth table 1, Cormac 0} and I spent all day Sunday suffering exhaustion/dehydration.
Feeling great now - ready to tackle another week!

Happy Monday! 


  1. Looks SO BEAUTIFUL. I am jealous. Very jealous. And I laughed when you said it was just as fun enjoying the fruit drinks without alcohol. Haha.

    Have you been on a lot of beach vacations? Where is your fav? We want to go somewhere for our 5 year anniversary. :)

  2. such a beautiful place!! You look great Greta. So glad that you guys got some time away together. Always nice to do that!

  3. oh, what a beautiful place!! so glad you guys got a wonderful babymoon!! :)

  4. I 'LOL'd' at pregnant liar! I spent a whole summer drinking various non-alcoholic beers, I feel ya (I don't even LIKE beer). The vacay looks sooo relaxing, glad you had fun!!

  5. You look amazing, and so does the vacation!


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