Wednesday, December 19, 2012

one year ago : christmas

I love looking back on how much changes in only one year.
I can hardly believe this tiny thing was my baby boy 
just last Christmas!

He couldn't help me decorate the tree, but he seemed intrigued by the lights...

One of these were supposed to be our Christmas photo last year...but I  was a major slacker and never actually sent one out.

Doesn't my bald baby look thrilled to be wrapped in lights?  Pretty sure this is one photo idea he will make fun of his mama for years down the road...

And this year.  
He was able to clomp around in the mud while we cut down our tree. 
Oh, and he ate some mud, too!  

Despite the mud and the lack of pretty Christmas snow, our traditional tree-cutting outing was still really fun!
Hubby did most of the work.

Not our official Christmas photo...but I swear we got a couple good ones and I actually did order cards this year.  Maybe they will get mailed by New Years???

Cormac also "helped" me decorate the tree this week.  It was cute to watch him try.  Now to train him to not pull the ornaments off the tree...

Hope everyone is having a fun and {mostly} 
stress-free holiday season so far!


  1. It is crazy to think about having a little babe last Christmas. I think last Christmas was my favorite Christmas of all time.

    Cute photos at the Christmas Tree Farm!

  2. Holy moly!! I can't wait to be able to get this little munchkin out of me and watch it grow up! It seems like they grow up so freaking fast, though!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  3. He is adorable! What a difference a year makes!


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