Wednesday, March 21, 2012

sweet somethings from : the backyard in spring!

It is finally spring! 
Actually, feels like summer.
Gardening is fast becoming my favorite time with Baby Mac.
Each day, in the late afternoon, we don our
gardening hats...

...and check out what's blooming:
 Hmmm...what has Cormac been eating?
Then I lug the hose to the backyard and we water the flower beds,
clean off and make sure the fountain is full, 
and just enjoy the sunshine and spring air.
If it's really hot {like yesterday} 
I use the "mister" on the hose
and cool us both off!

 His first pair of shoes.  Already filthy!
But that's okay...I'd be more concerned if they weren't. 
Boys are supposed to get dirty, right? 

Here's to spring days and dirty shoes!


  1. Ooooh! I can't wait for my gardening this summer! :) Although it also feels like summer here, I fear another week of cold weather sometime this month or next.

    Love Mac's sun hat! Does he keep it on? So cute. Love the shoes, too!

  2. those little white blossoms are lovely. :o) ah, i'm so happy it's springtime! love the sunhat, too!


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