Thursday, January 26, 2012


We have a mouse {mice????!!!!} in our house.

I blame karma.  You may remember my rant about the stray cats that hang out in our neighborhood in this post.  Well, my the evil glares I would shoot them and occasional chasing them out of my flower beds is now, karmically speaking, coming back to me in full force.

A mouse.  Who avoids our traps, who poopies in the most random places, who {even though I was assured by Hubby that mice avoid humans and light areas in general} skampered across my granite counter top this morning.  Eeek!

Believe me, ever since I first saw the mouse {weeks ago!} I have been overly diligent about sweeping the kitchen every day, wiping the countertops, picking up any dropped pieces of dog food that prior-to I would have lazily left and hoped Colbie would snag them quickly.

To no avail.

I'm sure Hubby will soon figure out a way to oust the mouse.

Until then I keep comforting myself by imagining he is my own "Little Chef"....
from my favorite animated film, Ratatouille!  Be sure to pause my music player at the bottom if you want to watch this cute scene:



  1. Ugggh. You poor thing - I know just how you feel. We had beetles a couple of years ago and YUCK! They made me feel as though the whole house was dirty - horrid!


  2. Major bummer!! We have had issues with them in the past. And someone told me that they don't like peppermint/ peppermint, I scattered it around in the kitchen to deter them and it seemed to work!! I hope they leave SOON!! :)

    1. Me too! I think it is only one, as I've only ever seen one, but even that freaks me out. And hopefully Baby Mac never asks for a rodent as a pet...because it won't happen... :) :) :)


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