Tuesday, June 14, 2011

baby bump alert: my little lebron

In the spirit of the NBA finals 
I was thinking of naming my Baby "Lebron."
Or perhaps Dirk.

Not just because of the NBA Finals, 
but also...
because he looks like a 

At least that is what everyone keeps saying.
Supposedly boy babies are carried out front like a basketball.
Someone even said to me at work today:
"Oh look! You brought your basketball!"

Heh. Funny. 

I do not play basketball.  Or any sport involving a ball.
Or coordination.
I run.  Long distances. Trying not to trip.

The one on the left is the 5th grade me...looking awkward and definitely NOT
like a basketball player. More like I have to pee or somthing:

My hubby, however, loves the sport!  
We go to many Kentucky basketball games, he plays twice a week with a group of guys...

...so maybe, just maybe...

Baby will be a basketball player! 
{or at least a fan} 

For now he will just have to keep making 
my ready-to-bounce preggo belly
look like a round, large

Weeks along: 36
Pounds gained: 32
cm dilated: 1
Position: head down
Nursery: complete!



  1. If you name my nephew lebron I think I will call childrens services on u. Lol kidding! And I like the basketball look, it's hot.
    <3 reb

  2. Can't wait to see the pics of the nursery!!!! That reminds me! Still have to take photos of Mack's room!

    Man. It is funny. I can't even remember what it felt like to have a big belly anymore! Enjoy (as much as you can) this last month!

  3. Looking fabulous Greta! Nice CILS bb shot. We were not very good... but hopefully your little baller will be :o) Love you!

  4. I think you and Paul are too short to have a basketball player. ;-) LY!


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