Thursday, June 16, 2011

thrifty find: beverage tub redo!

Sometimes as I wander aimlessly through Target
 I pass one of the end caps and cannot resist the red clearance tag.
Even if it is attached to something hideously ugly.
Like this...
Not sure what Target buyer thought this beverage tub might be a hot seller. It kind of gave me a headache to look at.  I mean...Is it a Rorschach test?

No shocker that a whole slew of them ended up on a clearance endcap at 75% off last summer.

Since I kind of have a thing for aluminum beverage tubs though...I thought I could find a use for this.
{Confession #1: I actually bought three!}
See how pretty the inside is?
{Confession #2: I am not crafty at all.  I cannot sew.  I cannot Mod Podge or Cricut or sling a glue gun. I can, however, spray a mean can of paint.}  

I knew I wanted a really clean, simple and versatile tub -- so I went all black.
I sprayed the outside of the tub black, then I sprayed a layer of black chalkboard paint on the front.
Easy project for the non-crafty, like me!
What will I use it for?  Not quite sure yet...but for now I wrote in white chalk one of my favorite words:
Then I filled the tub with wine bottles:

Sidenote: You may notice it is set on a chrome beverage stand.  You can get these most larger stores that sell home goods.  I got my for $10 at Target -- another thrifty find!

I am really excited to use this tub at the next gathering we host!

Not bad for $2.98! 

PS: One of the other beverage tubs I used in my laundry room to hold detergent, etc.  Click {here} to check it out!

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  1. Looks like a good place to store some diapers. ;)

  2. i look at those everytime i go in target!!! dang it...i wish i would have seen some clearance ones, i've only ever seen the solid colored ones at full price!! you did a great job...


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