Saturday, February 19, 2011

laundry room redo!

I have shared our dining room transformation,
 and our kitchen renovation.

So I thought I might also give you a glimpse at the scary whitewashed mess that was...
the laundry room:

When we first looked at our house, I was actually delighted by this idea of this room -- a whole separate area that housed the things you generally want hidden:  the laundry, the dog, and the basement door.  Fantastic! But I still wanted it to be pretty.

It came complete with: a really old washer and dryer and white, white, white paint everywhere.  

If nothing else I knew it needed warming that I didn't dread doing the laundry. Well, any more than usual.  So I went to my favorite go-to cozy color: chocolatey brown.  Since there are several different surfaces in the room {brick wall, drywall, cement, pipes, I chose 3 different shades of brown to add dimension to the room.

Besides three different yummy shades of chocolate, I added:
  • a {very durable} bamboo area rug
  • a bamboo shade 
  • new, more modern looking bronze wall sconce
  • white cabinet {bargain scratch-n-dent from Crate & Barrel}
  • dark wicker baskets to hold {read: hide!} doggie, laundry, and garden supplies
  • art!  Life is Beautiful canvas from Pier1, flowered canvas I had already
And here are the results...

BEFORE: Not sure why the washer hookup was under the window, catty-corner from the dryer.  Awkward! 

AFTER: Updated lighting, bamboo shade, and pops of orange warm the room up:

BEFORE: AH!  Beware the cellar door!  Plus that gray utility rug makes me shiver.

AFTER: What laundry room doesn't need art?  And a wreath?  And you almost didn't notice the scary hatch.  LURVE!

BEFORE: The dog looks like he would rather live anywhere else but in the disorganized, whitewashed mess that was his room.

 AFTER: Cozy, chocolatey, laundry-licious.  {Yep. I went there.}

And there you have it.  A warmer, comfier laundry room.  Even the dog looks much happier. :)  Mission accomplished!

Hope everyone is having a beautiful, warm, sunny Saturday {at least, for February.}


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  1. Such an amazing space! If my laundry room looked like this, I might actually enjoy doing it. -- Hollie

  2. This looks great! I love the new color, and that cabinet is beautiful. Cute doggy too - I'm sure he's enjoying the new look too. :o) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Looks great!!! LOVE the washer and dryer! Reminds me I gotta throw in a load of laundry. ;)

    It's funny. We had colors in all our rooms...and we are painting them all white!

  4. I love the richness of the colors!! Love it!! :)

  5. Wow, so jealous of your laundry room. Ours is tiny. I just painted it a bright green one day because I had a crazed compulsive moment due to the fact that I was tired of the drywall color and the bright green was all I had lol. I am determined to find a way to make that green look good!! One day :-)


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