Monday, September 20, 2010

before and after: {dining room!}

What follows is my dining room journey...

This was my dining room when we moved into our Victorian, shotgun-style, early 1900's-built home:

The previous owner had painted the ENTIRE 1st floor mustard yellow. Not a bad color, but not my flavor. I wanted something a little more modern. More dramatic. More spicy. But not mustard.

Deciding on the new hue took some time. I knew I wanted green. Vibrant green. But then I thought: perhaps neutral is better...safer. As you can see, we had a range of choices from the very palest olive to a sassy green apple to a bright lime green:

After much debate about what kind of vibe we wanted to have in this very central room, we decided we wanted {vibrant and full of positive energy.} So we went with the brightest, boldest green: Jalapeno Jelly (Valspar)

You can see the color difference from the mustard in this pic:

To get this bright green color to work, I knew my accessories would have to be more natural, less colorful! I wanted to tone down the "Christmasy" look that was created by the green's contrast with my beloved rust-red chairs. I found these natural fiber runners at Target for 14.99 each. Then I fell in love with this wine jug from Pier1. $49.99 - a definite splurge, BUT I had a gift certificate...

{I am a complete sucker for wine jugs.}

I added some bright red silk dahlias and ta-dow: dramatic centerpiece. I feel the bottle and colors work well with my wine theme, including the chianti bottles I display on our bar area.

{The large chianti bottle, by the way, is empty. Was consumed by my beautiful famiglia in the candlelight of an Italian restaurant on the night I graduated with my BA in English. Such a warm memory - I will cherish this bottle always!}

Finally, the dining room is how I want it. (At least, for now.)

The before:

The after:

I will be honest: our choice has been met with mixed reviews. Jalapeno Jelly is not everyone's favorite flavor. Most people give me the: "Oh, I like it! But I'd never choose this color..." Which I think might be a polite way of saying "Um, hideous." :D

But I like it. Hubby likes it.

And really, when it is your home, that is what truly matters.


  1. can you fly out to DC and help me with my decorating?

  2. i think that your floating wine racks are to die for Greta. You have such an elegant and modern approach that I just adore!

  3. Well, I love the finished Dining Room - want to come paint our Living Room? I have the paint but it was TOO hot this summer. Was hoping to get it done when it cooled down, but I am betting that Ryan won't help me get it painted. :)

  4. I personally love the green color! I think it just makes the room look so fresh and fun. The red is a great contrast color too!

  5. Wow that looks really good! It looks like a restaurant. Love it.

  6. Great transformation. Love the colors you chose.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. How beautiful!! And what a wonderful use of space!

  8. It looks great and all the color is wonderful:)

  9. So beautiful! I love the colors you used, what a great job!!


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