Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{valentines loves: a lil late}

Yeah, yeah, I know.  
Valentines Day was two whole days ago.  
But being preggo has me running a little late, lately.
I did, however, celebrate, on time, with my loves.
And though this year we took a break from 

{our bridesmaid's bouquets}

we did delight in strawberries...

...drizzled with white chocolate, nestled on a fudge brownie...

and I got a romantic dinner out with this guy...

{cruise 2007}

....and got to feel this Little Bean flip-flopping inside of me!

Hope your Valentine's Day was filled with those people and things that you



  1. Well congrats on celebrating On Time! ;) We are doing dinner on Friday. Whoops!

    Mmmmm......strawberries and chocolate look so good right now. What a great breakfast that would make. Yum.

  2. Yeah, you felt that tiny angel move. How exciting. We miss you all.


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