Saturday, February 12, 2011

{the inspired nursery}

Soon {as in 2 weeks} 
we find out what kind of Baby Ford is blooming inside me!

I have been dreaming a lot 
about nursery design and what kind of 
lovely space to create for

Each of the pictures below has something in it I am going to incorporate in our nursery 
{aka place I imagine I will be spending oodles of time!}
So I want it to be cute.
And girlie...
or, um, boy-ie.

Can you guess what design elements I might be using as my design {inspirations}?

This nursery is simple yet super fun!  Love the pops of yellow on the valences and lamp.  I feel this shows you can use fun, rainbow colors, yet tie it all together. Also, the pale gray walls add a little neutrality to it.  
 Okay, if I have a girl, there will be pink.  Lots and lots of pale, girlie pink:
 Love, love, super love this nursery.  I would like to transport it to my house.   Simple and elegant:
 This nursery is a little too ornate for my particular taste; however, that chaise lounge is calling my name, and the brilliant turquoise poms are dreamy like clouds.  I want to nap in this nursery:
I love that this room is fun, simple, and modern.  It has plenty of color, but is not too overwhelming:
I love the different shades of blue in this little baby boy's room.  Plus, doesn't that tiny onesie hanging on that itsy-bitsy hanger just get you all teary-eyed and make you want to have lots of little babies???  {Okay, maybe that's just me and my hormones...}
I love the contrast between the white sleigh crib and the vintage gray walls.  And while the butterflies would be a little much in our small space, I adore the oversized piece of art as the focal point behind the crib:

Well, if nothing else, surely you can guess what color Baby's gorgeous crib is!


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  1. Can't wait to see your nursery! We've painted, put up the crib, and bought the rocking chair.


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