Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{four more days}

I sit here in the quiet of the morning 
sipping my {third cup of}coffee
waiting for my son to wake up.

since my maternity leave ended I have been back at work
but now I am happy to say 
only four more days

then I am a stay-at-home mama

I will try to enjoy these last four days
of wearing my cute heels
and work outfits
eating my lunch without interruption
and conversation with adults

but really...
I am excited for when I can spend my whole day
taking care of 
this guy

and earning kisses, and smiles, and sweet moments I can never get back.

ready for this new adventure....


  1. You will love it! You will get to see them learn and discover new things all the time. Like right now, Aiden is trying to figure out how to open the patio door :) It's the best decision we have ever made.

  2. :) You are back!!!! Looking forward to hearing about all your adenvtures with the lil man!

  3. its the best job everrr!
    What a sweet picture! loving your blog.

  4. Finally getting caught up on some blog reading tonight!! Loved all your little guy's faces in that previous post! Congrats on getting to stay home with him is worth every.single.second & sacrifice! So true that those moment are ones we cannot get back. Oh how I love their little kisses :)


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