Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ten months!

Ten months...really? 
Where does the time go?
I wrote a {day in the life} post  forever ago.  Or at least it seems like forever.  It was when Baby Cormac was only six weeks old.  You can read it {here.}  When I look back at that time I realize how things have changed.  As brave of a face as I put on, at that point I was:
Those first eight weeks of motherhood were a bear.  Labor was almost easier than the "new mama" adjustment/survival period.  

Each month since then has gotten easier -- and more fun!  
Watching this little baby grow from a quiet, completely dependent little poop machine into an  
an interactive, high-energy, intense and actually fun 
little boy --
has been awesome.

Our days have have also changed, morphing from being completely different and unexpected every day, to a routine that makes me and baby a lot happier.

Ten month updates:
Still 20 pounds.
Has four teeth.
Sleeps 12 hours every night, without a peep.
Took three steps completely on his own this week...but none since.
Sooooo close to walking, though!
Says "mama" and "dada" but we're not sure 
who he's really addressing.

*  *  *  *  *  * 

Only two months until his first birthday party -- ah!
I just finished designing the invitations...
can't wait to share!


  1. TOOK 3 STEPS!!! oh goodness, here we go!

  2. OMG! I think I just freaked out. I have just over a week til Mack's party, and besides sending out invites, I have DONE NOTHING. ;) Time for this slacker mom to get busy!!!!

    Lil Mac is so cute and smiley. And luck you for 12 hours! Doesn't matter what time we put Mack down....he wakes up between 4:30 and 5:30!!!! (FINGERS CROSSED this is just a phase.)

  3. he is so adorable. I love his tie shirts too. did you make them?

  4. I agree Colleen - I love the tie onesies! I've noticed them on your other pics as well. I wish they would have had those when my kiddos were babies. Your little guy is too cute for words! Oh and I know the walking milestone is a very exciting one, but my advise is don't encourage it! LOL, once they start walking it is all over! My son walked at 8 months, and my poor daughter wasn't "allowed" to walk until after she was 12 months. I just carried her around everywhere! JK. ;)

  5. I keep trying to leave a message and it doesn't want me to! Hmmmm I was trying to say that I can't believe how much Cormac has changed in the last two months. He sure is growing up! He is an adorable little guy!


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