Monday, December 2, 2013

tree cuttin'

Saturday morning it was time once again to drive out to the tree farm we always go to and bring home our Christmas tree.
It's our tradition, and I love it.
Last year during this excursion we took some family photos and I had a itty bitty baby bump:
Hard to believe how tiny and different Cormac was just one year ago.  
Barely saying two words and so still a baby!  Now he is all arms and legs and won't stop talking to save his life (and I love it!) 
Besides Cormac getting huge...Finola made her entrance into the world and suddenly I have TWO children!  This definitely added to the fun of the tree cutting experience
Despite both kiddos teething (his two year molars started coming this month and her first two teeth are now officially here!) we had a lovely morning, sun shining bright, cold but not freezing, and just a little bit of snow crunching beneath our feet.

So, is your tree up yet?
I am currently in the midst of 'trimming' ours...
and have only had a few minor meltdowns about it.
{Hormones, people.  Hormones.}


  1. Yes, let's talk hormones. ;) Hehehe. Oh goodness.

    Yes, our tree is up. Fake. It's a tradition. ;)

    Lovely photos. We have NO snow! MN is so weird lately. Snow comes late and stays late. Much prefer the coming early, leaving early. Just as long as we have at least a dusting at Christmas!

  2. My dad and I used to go get our tree every year, and it was always so much fun. Now that I live in Australia I don't really do Christmas trees (their real trees super expensive, and I want nothing to do with a fake tree!)


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