Thursday, December 19, 2013

Finola - 7 months!

 Dear Fin, 
Today you are seven months...
and you are teething.
The worst bout yet, with a fever and all you want to do is lay on me or be in your crib sleeping.
So that is what we have done.  I'm sorry you are having a rough day...but I kind of am relishing the extra snuggling.
I don't get to do much of that with you, like I did with Cormac.
Things are definitely different when you have two babes!
But you have been the perfect "second born" child, and sibling to a "big personality."
I know your true personality hasn't emerged yet
(I am finding that it really shines through at age two!)
but so far, so good
little one.
Now for the update...

You are getting a lot more vocal about likes and dislikes.  No words, yet.  But lots of new noises and facial expressions.  For example, the 'piggy face.' This is the exact expression I made as a tiny girl.  Chin tilted in the air, eyes squinting, nose scrunched up.  You make this expression when I'm basically trying to force-feed you vegetables.  You make it when you believe someone should be paying you more attention.  Once you realize someone has noticed your 'piggy face' (and usually it makes them laugh) you start giggling, too!  Sometimes you will just start making this funny, excited, wheezy shrieking noise.  Even when you are alone in your crib.  You could do it for an hour.  Since it is a 'happy noise' I just let you do it.  You get extremely angry during middle of the night diaper changes.  You will whip both legs up and kick them down onto the changing pad at full force, all the while yelling your displeasure about a cold bottom.  In fact, even during daytime diaper changes you make things difficult now...twisting your whole body around and trying to flop on your tummy whilst I am trying to wipe your bum.  
eating paper, scooting to wherever mama is, fruits, mirrors, cords, the jumperoo, headbands (you haven't tried to rip one off your head even once!)

nighttime diap changes, skipping naps, vegetables, especially green ones
Veggies - EW!
Lots of baby food!  I've lost track, but you've tried nearly everything allowed.
As far as "milk" you drink mostly formula now.  I still breastfeed you once or twice daily, usually during the night or in the very early morning, but that is it.  We are nearly done.  I purposely started transitioning you to bottles after you turned six months, when you had been mostly breastfeeding.   It was time.  However, I sincerely enjoyed every moment our our breastfeeding experience together, and would not change one thing!  

You are a girl who loves her sleep.  Naps continue to be twice a day, about two hours each time.  You did skip the morning nap for the first time last week, but then took an extra long afternoon one.   Most of the time you go down smooth as butter...but occasionally you'll cry it out for up to twenty minutes.   Still waking up once a night for a feeding, only on occasion will it be twice.  This is progress!

*You sprouted your first two teeth!  Both on and just after Thanksgiving.
*Started inch-worming and army crawling forward just after turning 6 months.  No true crawling yet, but you can quickly scoot forward to wherever you want to go across the room, so we do have to watch you.
*Move from sitting to crawling position with ease.
*Can take two toys and whack them together.  Clearly a genius.  ;)
*You slept through the night for the first time EVER.  Once.
*Weird rash/chapped skin appeared around your mouth the week you got your first teeth.
*Seems like you perpetually have a head cold.
*Lots, and lots, and lots of drool.

*Your first Thanksgiving!  You were a sweet little dream baby the entire two days we spent at the grandparents...despite your first tooth popping through.  You let lots of relatives hold you without much fuss (unless mama came into your line of vision) and you laughed and laughed with your Pop Pop - you very much love your Pop Pop. :)
Here you are at your first turkey feast!  With your Mimi...and then with the guys.
*First visit to Santa!
"Uh, Santa, you are invading my personal space." 
"I love sparkly headbands!!!"
will turquoise be your favorite color, too?
my cuddly chunk in her first fleece half-zip
 Sibling Relations:
Good!  Er, sort of?!  The holiday season has been interesting because things have been crazy and Mama has been distracted with lots of things and Cormac has been especially "spirited."  But overall he  still seems to love you and you still light up at the very sight of him.  You seem especially amused when he is throwing a tantrum.  I wish I felt the same!
Here is your brother's seven month post - so fun to see how similar you were at this age in some ways...and how very different in others!  
Wait, why do I have to bath with him again?

mama snuck into a pic!
You've got an awesome dada, girl.  Trust me on that one!
thanksgiving...teething with crazy mouth rash (of course!)

Well, it has been a whirlwind of a month, packed full of holiday craziness, and sick kiddos (and mama!)  You never fail to brighten my day, though, with your easy smile and giggle, curiosity, and laid-back ways.

Love you, baby girl.



  1. She is growing so much!!!! And the pics of her smiling - I can't handle it. I hope hope hope she lets me hold during Christmas!!! Maybe ill bribe her or something...that's what aunts do right? We love her! Ps. Fave pic, cormac holding mistletoe over fins head while she makes that awesome meh face!

  2. Hahaha. She is such a cutie chunk! I just wanna pick her up. I love baby blobs. Ahhhhhhh. Hope everyone feels better! We have had a miraculously healthy household since our bad month of Sept. I know we'll all be sick just in time for Christmas. ;)

  3. aww she's beautiful! she sounds hilarious with the description you put with her faces and sounds!


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