Thursday, March 3, 2011

calling all mamas!

I have zero experience with babies.

While I am {thrilled/delighted/enamored} by the one kicking around in my tummy...
{twenty lovely weeks}
...I don't really know what I need stocked in his nursery to make his first months of life comfy.  In fact, I am quite concerned Baby will pop out and his nursery will contain zero diapers, three million onesies, dozens of adorable hats!  I need to enlist the help of those that have gone before me.  You amazing women who have had at least one baby and are familiar with the real needs of a new mom and her adorable bambino.

Among my many questions:

  How does one choose a breast pump? I am completely baffled by breast pumps! This one looks complicated:


 Are sweet, adorable crib bumpers, like this one,  really evil baby killers in disguise????  

Will a Diaper Genie grant me three wishes?  


So before I go nuts armed with a registry gun, shooting needless amounts of kiddie couture, please, wise Mothers out there: 
help a sista out!

What are 3 Must-Haves on a baby registry?   
What makes "new mommy" life easier?  What do I just NOT need?




  1. Medela Pump in Style - that was the pump I used when nursing. Top of the line - easy to use - definitely recommend.
    Bumper pads are not bad. They are rather handy. Poor Ryan would be often bumping his head without his.
    The diaper genie isn't a must have - didn'y have one with Nick and don't have one now.
    If you want a shopping buddy to help you with your registry, I am happy to help. Wendy C

  2. Literally laughed out loud. :-) And I love the diaper genie "cozies"! ROFLMBO!

    Love you - had soooo much fun tonight. Can't wait for our registration date and talking more baby goodies!

    XOXOXOXO & Belly pats, M

  3. Get a glider Rocker if you don't already have one

    New born diapers are great but that baby butt will use them for 1 month, only register for one large pack!

    Mollie lived in her swing for naps as a wee little one, get a good one with a song that doesn't annoy you!

    2 water proof matress liners, 3 sets of sheets, a sleep sack no blankets in crib, and i'll send you a special bedtime treat that is sure to put your lovely straight to sleep!!

    Can't live without: Two car bases for the car seat, a baby bjorn for long nights of walking, and a binky of two wouldn't be bad...

    (For the boobies: the Medela pump above is best. Purchase an item called a "soothie" its miracle for sore nipples and stock up on lanolin. You have no idea the journey your poor girls are going to take the first few weeks BE PREPARED!)

  4. Receiving blankets/ you can't have too many. These are not the big beautiful quilts, they are small light weight blankets, great for swaddling.
    They now have great sleepers that can be gowns (easy diaper changing) at home or you can change the way it snaps and it makes little pant legs for the car seat. An electric breast pump is DEFINITELY worth the money/ don't get a manual pump.
    I think they are called pack and plays? It is a portable bed. Great for trips away from home/ and you can use it at home if you want him to sleep in your room at first, or you can set it up on the first floor so you don't always have to take him upstairs. Those stairs can be a problem the first week or so after the birth.

  5. My parents got us a rocker/recliner for our nursery & it is by far the best thing ever. I spent many nights snuggled with baby in the recliner! Also, as they grow, we still use it often for story time & snuggling.
    I would totally recommend the Medela pump-in-style. Expensive but worth it.

  6. I've decided that I want to register for as little (big, ugly) stuff as possible...And then if we decide we need it, we'll get it at that time. ;) Our house is small as it is.

    Don't ask me, though. I am in the same boat as you. ;)

  7. I could give you a list a mile long, but I will try to keep it short. If you register at Target, they give you 10% off everything left over that is not keep that in mind. I ended up returning a ton of things I registered for because they weren't needed.

    I guess my top three items:
    1. Changing Wallet (Has changing pad, holds diapers and wipes all in one. I carry this instead of a diaper bag 90% of the time.)
    2. Swing (It has the most calming effect on him)
    3. Ninja Shirts (Gerber calls them side-snap shirts, especially with boys they tend to shoot out of their diapers at first. It eliminates changing a whole onesie.)

    Also, I have to agree with the person who said a Glider instead of a rocking chair, they are more comfy. I also would go as far to say get a lazy boy chair. I know they aren’t as cute, but those nights when you are up most of the night you can catch a short nap while holding the baby in lazy boy much easier. Plus, Paul could use it for his man cave after all the babies if you get a nice one :)

  8. My 'baby' is it's been awhile for me. LOL

    But what I remember is....every baby is different! ;) What works for one baby, another baby hates.

    My must haves were:

    SWING! My daughter loved it and often napped it.

    Burp cloths!!!! I used these for spit up, drool, boogers, food...until I swear she was 3 or 4 years old! I couldn't have enough.

    And a small diaper bag! While I usually threw the big one in the car just in case with everything under the sun, I HATED carrying all that crap in places! So, I mostly used a small one, with just one trip essentials, one or two diapers, a small thing of wipes, and a burpee of course. LOL

    Oh....and a pacifier! I wouldn't haven't been caught without two or three in every room or every bag! ;)

    Things I personally bought, but never used...a pack and play. Not even once.

    Wish I had bought...a bassinett. I really would have liked it when she was first born to put her in our bedroom that first couple months...or to have her out in the living room.


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