Saturday, February 26, 2011

baby bump alert: embracing my "big" bump

I've been pretty lazy about photo-journalling my baby bump. 

I meant to do a pic every week...but since I don't notice a huge difference between weeks I decided every four weeks would suffice.  So here is my 20 week shot:

I love my ever-expanding tummy.  I have never been so happy have a part of me called "big."

"Big" is not typically a complimentary word, and usually I would clock call out anyone
for making any type of negative comment about any woman's size.  Sadly it doesn't always matter how much you work out, eat healthy, or feel good...there will always be those negative people who will want to cut you down.  In fact, out at dinner once a woman at the same table made a crack to someone sitting next to her about my arms being "big." This was said in a not-so-quiet, not-so-complimentary tone. {Note: If you are about to use the word "big" when referring to a woman's body part, get a thesaurus, and find a more creative word. "Strong," "voluptuous," "pronounced"...or perhaps follow the classic advice: if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.} I did call her out, incredulously asking, "Did you just call my arms 'big'?  I work out everyday for these muscles, girl!"  I got no apology {***at the time} but am glad I stuck up for myself in this instance of female-to-female bullying.  Geez!

Always build each other up, ladies!  No matter what size a person is: ultra-thin, uber-muscular, or plus-size -- be encouraging and don't assume someone doesn't like how they look.   As women, we should not change because other people make us feel pressured to look a certain way.  If you want to make a change,  do it because you want to feel better about yourself!  Do it to be healthy!  Do it to look how you want to look in your clothes!   

Thanks for letting me have a mini-rant!  

Back to my, ahem, "progressing" waistline:

Weight gain so far: 18 lbs.
Also, gained a bra size and a pants size.

I am sure it will be difficult to get back to the weight at which I feel my best after having Baby.
I anticipate many challenges, especially finding time and energy to work out!

Now, however, every time someone eyes my tummy and exclaims:
"You are getting so big!"
I take it as a compliment.
{because it is actually meant as one}


And look:  I still have my *cough* "big" arms.

Big and
enough to 
carry my 



  1. You make me cry! I love you - and your big arms! And my adorable nephew-to-be! XOXOXO M

  2. so cute! And your arms look fabulous! All the bigger to hold that baby soon!!!! You'll be glad for those "big?" arms when squeezing those baby cheeks!

  3. OMG! A boy!!! Congrats, Greta! Well you gotta do a post about if the Old Wives Tales were true....if you had a feeling that you were having a boy...etc. :) You look GREAT.

  4. Even after I got back to my pre-baby weight, I remember looking in the mirror and thinking "It's not a bad body, it's just not mine". Embrace the changes, you are on the road of motherhood.

  5. Greta, you are such a beautiful person. Only if all people were like you!
    Melissa E

  6. Looking more incredible each pic, G! Are you growing your hair out? Cute!

    I honestly cannot fathom someone saying YOUR arms are big?! (toned, yes. big, no!)

    Give the belly a pat from me! xo


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