Tuesday, February 22, 2011

pot roast virgin!

Do you sometimes feel like your womanhood is judged on whether or not you can make a delicious pot roast?
(*cough* yeah, um, me neither.)

Since I had never made a classic, beef pot roast, ever, yesterday I figured: 
carpe diem.
Today I will make a pot roast.

Plus, I was off due to President's Day {thank you Mr. Presidents} and figured, heck, why not?

Because I normally don't eat meat I really haven't put a lot of thought into how to roast a huge hunk of chuck.  However, now that I am pregnant, and let's just say "Baby Wants Meat" I have let some meat creep back into my diet.  In fact, pot roast was sounding pretty darn delicious...but also pretty darn daunting.

I can take no credit for this pot roast...except for the sweat and tears I put into it.  The recipe is from the ever-amazing blogger Pioneer Woman, as I had seen her recipe various places, including her blog, and it looked beautiful.  You can find PW's recipe HERE.  Warning: you'll probably become addicted to her blog.  It happens.

She is an amazing cook.  I am not.  But I tried, and you can see my virgin efforts below.  Like any virgin I didn't do it perfectly the first time.  Ah, but I plan on doing it again -  many, many more times.  Cook a pot roast,  I mean {dirty mind!}.   Anyway, I didn't have fresh herbs or carrots...so I made due with dry spices and celery.

Searing the onions was rather terrifying exciting!  That is, if you get excited by smoke alarms going off and having hot oil burn you on various body parts.

 But oh, those burns were worth it!  :o)

Searing the meat - equally dangerous delightful:

 Into the crock pot you go!  

Several hours, various hot oil burns and a smoky house later...we get...a pot roast!

Oh, and a TON of mashed potatoes.  Love me some mashed potatoes.  

When did you lose your "pot roast virginity?"  
I don't know about you, but I will always remember my first time with fondness. 
Except for the burns.


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  1. Jeremy does the pot roasts...and they are delish....so I won't even try to compete. Darn. ;) Looks delish, Greta!


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