Monday, March 7, 2011

{a peek at the nursery}

People say, "Oh, you're due in July?  You have plenty of time!"
I think, "Yikes.  Only 4 more months!?!?"
Needless to say, I'm a planner.
Not a throw-things-together-perfectly-at-the-last-minute planner.
{I wish}
I am a write-a-million-lists, dream, daydream, create-inspiration-boards, steal-a-million-pictures-off-the-internet, dream some more, ask-a-million-questions, complete-in-phases planner.
{Exhausting, yes}

So here is where I am at with the nursery design process:
The bedding was the most difficult part...especially considering there are not a lot of cute baby boy bedding sets out there.   At least not that suit my specific taste {read: modern yet classic yet munchkin}  I managed to find a set that is both of these elements, and also colorful enough to stimulate Baby.  

I picture him dreaming sweet dreams while surrounded by these fabrics:

As for wall color, I want a color that was light, modern, and doesn't scream: "Nursery!I figure the Boy will do enough screaming on his own.  Though probably not "nursery." Unless he is exceptionally verbose.
 I will be using a combo of these paint colors:
Oh, and let's not forget my {Craig's List beauty} of a crib.  I am in so in love with this crib I might marry it.  I am also secretly glad I found one I didn't have to repaint.  Here is a tiny glimpse of its sleigh-style loveliness:
Eat your heart out, Pottery Barn Kids...I paid only 100 bucks.

The next item on the nursery planning list: the changing table.  I am actually looking more for a large dresser that I can morph into a spacious changing table/baby clothing storage unit. 

My budget is $40...definitely don't think I will get out of re-painting this one.

Sweet decorating dreams to you!



  1. Really beautiful fabrics! Is someone you know making the bedding?

    I have a deadline of April 3 for our nursery, since my shower is being thrown at my everyone will want to see the nursery! Time is a tickin!!!!

  2. Our changing tables is a large dresser. All they did was a strap and a snap to the changing pad and install the other side of the snap on the dresser. Should be pretty easy to do. If you want I could take a pic of it so you could do it yourself.

  3. I love what you're planning, Greta. The colours, the checks and that gorgeous crib (what a fab find!).

    My best baby buy was a moulded plastic thing to rest the baby on in the bath. It meant I didn't have to always be supporting my baby's heads which was a bit sore on my back.


  4. Gorgeous fabrics!!! Having a baby is so much fun!

  5. I love the fabrics! And the vintage gray color is gorgeous! :)


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