Sunday, July 18, 2010

garden praise

It is Sunday morning, therefore I am in my garden.

Don't be shocked - I firmly believe I will still go to heaven. :)

Paul and I have yet to find a church that we would like to join, so many Sunday mornings are spent doing things that make me feel close to God. One is digging in the dirt.

Anyway, here are some shots of my fellow "worshipers" in God's beautiful creation...

This is a daylily plant I inherited from the previous owner of our property (one of the few elements I kept.) She has been moved several times before finding her home here.

This little man is a Sky Pencil Japanese Holly - my newest addition.

My azalea bush finally has some blooms! I adore the shiny, tropical looking leaves.

Looking down at a cluster of buds on an Althea bush.

I think of the many trips my [Lutheran pastor] father took us on throughout the years, and how so often we were in a location on a Sunday morning where no actual church building could be found. We worshipped in forests, next to lakes, huddled beside frozen streams and gigantic snowbanks, and in a valley surrounded by snowcapped mountains. Never had I felt so spiritual as moments like that. Praying and singing out in the open air of God's creation.

Hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful Sunday morning!

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