Sunday, August 22, 2010

back to school

Had the pleasure of visiting my friend M's classroom today. M is a first year high school English teacher. We met in grad school because I was also supposed to be a high school English teacher. Which I was, for about four months.

{Then I realized I prefer to admire high school students from afar.}

What I do miss about teaching is having my own classroom! M's is beautiful and clean and organized. Here are some things I loved about her room:

Thought this was so cute! Who doesn't want a BIG eraser...for those mistakes we wish could wipe out? :o)

The reading corner. No bean bag chairs...but these letter signs she painted are fantastic!

Hand-carved pencils and many personal touches gave her desk area a homey feel.

Cute, colorful wooden letters on her lectern. They will never forget her name. (Not that they would.)

Inspirational signs -- LURVE! They were everywhere...and yes, I felt inspired.

Hanging out with M in her bright, shiny, new English classroom, more than making me miss teaching, made me miss being in class. Oh, Master of Arts in English will be mine someday! Until then, I will hang out with my amazing teacher friends, admire their classrooms and listen to their fascinating tales of high school students, both savants and ne'er-do-wells.

I appreciate teachers a million times more now that I have been one and realize how hard they work. These are amazing people with an enormous amount of patience that I personally do not possess. God love teachers for all they do!


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