Thursday, August 26, 2010

going to the chapel

Weddings are the most beautiful days.

Friday my husband and I are driving down to Georgia for my friend's wedding, and I couldn't be more excited. She used to be my roommate, along with another dear friend, and once again we are all three reuniting -- the third and final wedding. Bliss!

A wedding is not only a holy event, but also, let's face it, an excuse to get all gussied up, and revel in the beautiful details of someone's special day. I love weddings even more when they are not my style -- but unique to that person. Your wedding is your most special day to choose things that mean something to you.

My wedding revolved around wine - the cake was adorned with red grapes, the colors were classic black with leaf green and burgundy accents, even the sermon was about "two juicy grapes" {ahem, me and my amazing man!}

Being married, I am even more enraptured at weddings, because it makes me remember my own, and just how amazing I felt that day.

So what do {YOU} love most about weddings?

Is it the adorable, craftsy favors?

The beautiful stationary that makes up the invitation?

Sitting down with friends old and new at the dinner/reception/amazing party?

Or {like my husband} are you a sucker for the dessert?

To me, the table decor is something I remember...especially if a lot of thought was put into it. But there are so many little fabulous details about weddings that I can hardly choose just one.

I look forward to capturing some beautiful details and memories this weekend -- will share Monday! 'Til then, talk to me about your favorite wedding details, ladies!


  1. I'm a sucker for the vows - but then that probably surprises no one, since I'm a word freak. :-) I think there's nothing more marvelous than hearing two people verbalize their feelings - especially since that quality has a tendency to dwindle as the years go by (for some). :-) I love to hear the love! M

  2. I love getting everyone together and getting all dressed up...which brings me to one of my few favorite moments at my wedding...1-Paul wearing a tie that matched exactly to the bridesmaid dress(which Greta was wearing) and 2-the two of you dancing all night!! So cute...there were so many people that could not stop talking about how cute the two of you are when you dance!!

  3. See, I've just never gotten excited about any of it. Does that mean I'm broken, as a woman? I love my partner and want to stay with him forever, but to me, weddings seem more like family drama and stress and planning rather than fun and love.

  4. My favorite part of the wedding is watching the slideshow! I love seeing the bride and groom as children and how they grew up! Can't wait for this wedding this weekend! I am sure it will be beautiful! See you in 22 hours!


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