Monday, August 2, 2010

ten reasons I don't need a cell phone...

Day 7 without a cell phone. (sigh)

Nope, I am not on a technofast. I have once again misplaced my cell phone. I do this on a regular basis, although usually I find it within couple days. I find, however, that I do not particularly miss my cell phone. I have gone a week and my world is still turning! Maybe I could go forever???

So...without further ado....

ten reasons I don't need a phone

10. I don't call that many people. I can count on one hand the people I regularly call.
9. Txting makes me feel dmbr. lol.
8. It takes up valuable purse space. (And yet, I can never find it in there. Huh.)
7. I prefer emails to phone calls.
6. Phones just aren't pretty like they used to be!
5. It makes my ear hurt.
4. I forget to shut it off in movies -- embarrassing!
3. I feel guilty cursing the people I see driving while on their cell. Hullo people! Of course, I do it too...
2. I'd rather spend $60/month on lattes.
1. I'll just lose it again! :D

There you have it, folks! I'll probably break down and get another cell, but for today you will only hear from me by blog - Happy Monday! :o)

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