Wednesday, August 4, 2010

wine wednesday: cowboy up!

I love wine.

I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrve wine.

So how about every Wednesday I share with you a wine I've tried that is fantastic?

I am not going to lie: I buy wine largely based on how pretty the label is. (I have bought some really horrific wine this way.) However, this week's recommendation was based of a post I read on another blog, The Pioneer Woman. {She is a big-time blogger, famous in the blogosphere, and basically the first blog I started reading. Check her out. You will fall in love!}

Anyway, she plugged Purple Cowboy wine about a year ago, and finally I found a bottle (at Target, no less!) and had to try it. I was hooked by the charming "cowboy legend" on the back label:

"The cowboy met the old man who brought him some cuttings in a damp burlap sack. The old man said plant these in the valley where the fog comes at dusk and the soil in stony and no good for anything else. And someday you'll have some fine dark wine. So dark it turns your teeth purple. So the legend goes."

My teeth didn't turn purple, but the Purple Cowboy 2007 Tenacious Red was absolutely fragrant and delicious from start to finish. Very smooth red, with a spicy kick!

Serve with a slab of beef around the campfire, coyotes [pronounced kaaaaayoates!] howling in the distance.


  1. Jimmy! Get oouu-uut of the te-ent!

  2. Greta I did not know you had a blog! I'm loving delightful. Looks life is treating you well. I still think you and Paul are one of the most beautiful couples I have ever photographed. xo ~Tracy


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