Thursday, September 30, 2010

{the lovely stones}

I like the simple, pure, and natural look of stones. I've always gravitated towards them with my camera, as so often they take an artistic form. Sometimes intentionally, like this "cairn" (mound of stones created by hikers to mark a mountain trail) :

But many times unintentionally, such as the morning sun hitting these garden rocks just perfectly:

At the Mondavi vineyards in Napa Valley {our honeymoon spot} giant stones were placed at the beginning of each line of grape plant to mark the varietal:

So how can these {lovely stones} translate to interior decor? The fireplace mantel photograph at the top is a beautiful example: bold, yet understated at the same time.

Here is another idea: If you are going for a zen, spa-like feel in your bathroom, try some stone accent candles. I found these lovelies at World Market:

I love to find ways to bring the outdoors in, and stones -- even if you are just using pebbles as vase fillers! -- are an easy way to do it.

Much joy to you on this {almost Friday!}


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  1. Absolutely stunning concept. Maybe stones would enhance my "re-do".

    You said World Market and my eyes lit up with Gleeee! too bad they closed the one in Cincy.....


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