Monday, September 13, 2010

{oj and hugs}

The past three days I have felt, well, like crap.

Achy, feverish, zero energy {like walking, zombie-like, from my computer to the bed took a lot of effort} and no appetite. Which was scary, because if I am not hungry or at least thinking about food there is definitely something gone awry.

I don't like taking medicine, unless it is the natural kind. Or I am dying. So I tried pumping my system full of vitamins and lots and lots and LOTS of orange juice.

Also, I have been working the night shift for the past week, with no day off. The only thing about the night shift that kind of stinks is, well, it is at night. I've decided it is not natural to be awake at night. I'm not a bat, after all. So perhaps this had something to do with my immune system being out of whack. (Coffee and Red Bull all night for 7 days straight can't be good, right?)

Finally, today around 7am two of the fabulous ladies that work 1st shift came in with their typical big smiles and great attitudes. {I don't know what makes them so happy but I LOVE them for it!}

I must have looked pretty dang awful because they said, "You need a hug."

These sweet, older ladies give me a hug every day, but this morning I tried to warn them: "I have may not want to hug me today." They looked at me like I was crazy and said: "That is exactly why you need a hug!" And they both gave me the biggest, nicest hugs ever.

You know what? It's been a couple hours, and I am actually feeling much better!

Must've been the hugs.

and the OJ...

...but probably mostly the hugs!

Oh, and my {fantastic, amazing, patient} husband letting me spend the past two days sleeping on the couch, flailing and kicking him in my sleep while he watched football.

His hugs are pretty good, too. :o)

So now I am better, and my craziness industriousness can resume as normal.

Happy Monday and many ((HUGS)) to all of you!!!

(They really do help.)



  1. Poor Greta! You did sound terribly sick and I'm glad you're feeling better. Any idea what it was?

  2. I am glad you are feeling better. Night shift decreases your immune system so extra vitamins while you are on nights is a good idea.

    What a handsome couple.
    Love you both


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