Wednesday, October 27, 2010

{oh brother!} happy birthday!

This is my big brother. It is his birthday today. I cannot believe he is 36! This makes me feel a little old...
Josh is GREAT. Although I didn't really think so when we were younger and he would "tickle torture" me, lock me in trunks, and yell at me for the TV being too loud early on Saturday mornings when he was a teenager and trying to sleep...

But now I think he is GREAT. :)

He is extremely smart, hard working, policeman, husband, and also father to two beautiful kiddos...

Aren't they a cute family?

{this pic is minus lovely Ella - I couldn't find one with all of the whole fam}

So just wanted to take a moment to introduce the blogosphere to one member of my family.
(Plus, I watched Supertroopers for the first time recently...and it reminded me of him. Or at least his uniform. Ha!)

Love you lots, Josh!

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  1. What a lovely post. I have six brothers so I know ALL about tickle torture and being locked inside trunks....six tinmes over!!

    But NOW I think they're all great too!


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