Wednesday, October 13, 2010

r.i.p. camera: {the last shots}

I went camping over the weekend in Kentucky's beautiful Red River Gorge with my husband and our 'doodle. The weather was perfect, and our time together was great: hiking, talking, laughing....

and then my camera broke.

The lens just decided, "Sorry, not popping out anymore!"

I was a little discouraged, but deep-down I was thinking: "Hmmmm...Christmas just might have to come a little early this year. Ya know, considering how good I've been and everything." Right.


So here are some of the last shots my poor, dear, deceased camera mustered:

Rest peacefully in camera heaven, my scratched-up, strange-noise-making, dear little Sony camera.



  1. OMG jinx! My camera broke sunday! lens wont close and my camera is toast! beautiful pictures though G!Will u be purchasing early???? lol

  2. We had the same thing happen to our camera while in China. Good thing Christmas is around the corner. At least you got some nice pics out of it before it died on you.

  3. These are gorgeous pictures. I love the leaves floating in the water. Your camera is leaving a legacy of beautiful photos! lol I hope Santa sends a new one a bit early for you. I bet he knows you have a blog to keep up with. Thanks for stopping by today. Nice to meet you!

  4. Your photos are beautiful. Sorry to hear about your camera. Mine broke in the summer. Luckily, it was right around my birthday. So I got a nice new one:)

  5. Hey Greta,

    Your poor camera! And poor you! What will you do in the meantime before Santa comes?

    By the way,I LOVE your blog. I am SO your newest Follower!



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