Saturday, November 6, 2010

kitchen bliss: french country-style

I grew up in an old farmhouse at the dead-end of a gravel road in southeast Minnesota.

I loved living in the country, spending my days in the fresh air (well, sometimes you got a whiff of manure from the neighboring pig farm) and our home was always a place of comfort and fond memories.

This weekend I travelled home to visit my parents, brothers, and our other family that still live in my hometown. I got to experience a pleasant surprise -- seeing the final result of my mother's long-awaited "new" kitchen! They completely gutted their kitchen, entryway, and guest bath and the result is a transformation worthy of a kitchen design magazine.

This little blog will have to do. :)

I unfortunately have no "before" pics, but let me paint a picture: dark, old cabinetry, light blue laminate floors, laminate counters, dark mauve wallpaper...a green plastic toilet seat!!!!!

Enough said.

My mother is a saint and deserved this kitchen. She also has very good taste and did a fabulous design job!

These white pumpkins were a gift from yours truly several years ago...don't they look perfect in the new kitchen?

Here is the entryway. Luuuuuuurve that gorgeous storage bench!

She used bronze light fixtures and hardware, which is a stunning contrast to the white french country cabinetry and creamy tile backsplash.

My mama has a pot-filler! I am so proud! :o)

They have the largest island I have ever seen in a kitchen -- and the granite is stunning, with a river of blue running through it.

Here is my mom...thankfully she has no idea how to use the internet, so there is no way she can get mad at me for putting her picture on my blog...just kidding! I warned her...sort of. :) Isn't she sweet?

I love my mom!

And my dad, of course. It is his kitchen, too. In theory. :)



  1. Wow, I don't even recognize the kitchen anymore!! I am love your fam's farm - lots of fun times there growing up :o) Go Glo!! She did a great job and I'm so happy she finally got her dream kitchen. PS - your mom looks fabulous! Tell her hi from me :D

  2. Aww... she is sweet! And what a gorgeous kitchen. Wow. Beautiful. Stopping by from Pink Dandy Sunday blog hop... it is so nice to 'meet' you! :) I am your newest follower!

  3. The kitchen looks beautiful. Having a nice kitchen just makes cooking that much more enjoyable. Since the kitchen is so often a gathering place for the family and friends I can't think of a room that is more worthy of a big investment.

  4. What a dream kitchen!!! Just stunning!

    I am curious about a green toilet seat in the kitchen? You will have to explain someday. LOL


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