Sunday, May 29, 2011

{feeling showered!}

This past week I was showered.
{read: spoiled} 

I had three amazing baby showers given by women who I am sure will be paramount in the life of my darling little paramour.

Okay, I know that baby showers are, in essence, for the baby.  However, I can't help but feel these sweet, pretty events are more for the mothers.   The mamas-to-be like me, who are feeling huge and so NOT pretty in the latter part of pregnancy.  The chance for us to put on a dress, maybe prepare with a pedicure, 
and be treated to a spread fit for a princess.
The food was heavenly... 
...the decorations were thoughtful and made each event special...
 ...the gifts that will make Baby cleaner, cuter, and cuddlier...
{these adorable onesies were made my talented sister-in-law Jen, who blogs at with grace and lace}
...and the best part was just being around the people I love.
I am so thankful for all the ladies that made my showers some of the most special days of my pregnancy!

{also I'm feeling much more prepared!}

L O V E,


  1. Love you! <3 M

  2. Not going to lie, you might be the cutest prego lady! Love that side shot above!

  3. What adorable picture's. I can tell everyone went out of their way to make the baby showers special for you. Everything looked just lovely.


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