Sunday, May 8, 2011

ode to mama

Dear Mama, 

I don't know how I could possibly thank you for all you have given me,
or how I can adequately express how you've shaped my life
and made me into someone
I could have never been 
with any other mama.

You and your silly rhymes, your special, fun language,  your dramatic stories {especially your re-counting of the sullied homecoming election, or anything else to do with "Charlie" or "Sheila" - those dirty birds!}, your facial expressions, and the hundreds of musicals we watched together throughout my childhood...over and over and over...
This all made me the dramatic, lover of the stage and all musicals {especially State Fair-1965 version!!!} expressive and goofy woman that I am today. 

Thank you for your drama, Mama!

Thank you for your beauty, grace, and fashion.  
You taught me to be girly, dress nicely for all occasions, 
and pose in photographs in a flattering way.

Thank you for teaching me you can look cute anywhere...
even when camping...if you put in a little creative effort.
{Pinecone curler, anyone?}
{bwca, circa 1972}
  You taught me to love Jesus and family, in that order

and I have been blessed with a firm belief of Jesus as my Savior from sin
and a personal relationship with God that will allow me to live 
forever with you in heaven someday.
How awesome is that?   Thank you, Mama, for church every Sunday, Bible stories every night, and always holding me to the highest standard - God's.
{Circa 1987 - Don't my sister and I look excited to be dressed alike with matching hairstyles?}

Now your girls {and boys} have all grown up,
shaped in so many ways by you.
We are slowly all getting married
and becoming parents 
and creating families
{montana, 2010}
 Thank you for being a good Mother.  
It's what you always wanted to do, yet I know you sacrificed a lot to stay home and take care of four kids who I am sure tried your patience endlessly.  Especially me! {Which in the grand scheme wasn't really that bad.} 


You always kept me safe.
You always hugged me and made me feel loved.
You taught me to love snuggling and being affectionate.
You let me be independent, creative, and introspective.

{chicago, 1981}
{Christmas - 2002}

So today, even though you are living far away in Prague,
know that I love you
and am thankful for you 
and cannot wait for you to meet your
newest grandson
to whom I hope I can be
even half the amazing mother
you are for me.

I know Dad got you these flowers -- I hope you look at them and know how much all four of your kids love you, even though we are all in different parts of the country right now {Montana, Kentucky, the Canadian border???, and good old Minnesota}
having many different adventures.

I love you, Mama!

Your daughter, 

Greta Robyn
"Gert the Squirt"
{silently singing in my head all the songs you made up that went with these nicknames}

Happy Mother's Day, bloggers!


  1. Very cute Greta! Enjoy your first Mother's Day!

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Greta! What a sweet post. :)

  3. Very cute Greta! Happy Mother's Day to you too!!

  4. Wow! The tears are flowing! Very touching!


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