Friday, July 22, 2011

mama confessions: the first week

I have survived week one with a newborn!
So considering that before this I had never babysat an infant or even changed a diaper, I am pretty proud of myself!

Confession:I have to laugh at myself for thinking in any way, shape or form that I was "ready" to have a baby.  At the right point in life? Yes.  With the right partner?  Oh definitely yes.  {Hubby has been amazing!}
But "ready" to "have" a baby?
Not quite.
If you've never had a baby before, you won't really know what hit you when they finally arrive.  You can read all the manuals on pregnancy and delivery and babies.  You can see the words and learn the definitions such terms as "episiotomy" and "meconium" and "colostrum" and "uterine contractions" think naively: "I have educated myself for this experience - bring it on!"

Again, I laugh, because this was me: anxiously and happily waiting for the birthing experience.  But there are things you blissfully ignore when reading about labor and your new baby:  

1. Your carefully drafted birth plan can fly out the window faster than you can say: "I need the epidural!"
2. When your "milk comes in" {not at all like your "ship coming in"} you may randomly leak/projectile squirt everywhere no matter how often you feed your darling babe.  Invest in lots and LOTS of nursing pads.
3. Even if you don't have a C-Section, there is still significant recovery time.  You will hurt places you don't want to hurt, you will not be able to walk far, and the most lovely part is that for several days you will have to change your own "diapers" {which takes longer than changing your baby's.} 
4. Coming home from the hospital with your new baby can be terrifying.  (I hugged my dog as soon as I came in the door and wept at his wet kisses and familiarity.  A new mama has a LOT of hormones going on.)
5. The first few will not sleep.  Pretty much at all.

But you know what?
Even if I had known/acknowledged all these things...I wouldn't go back and change it for the world.  

Cormac has been a dream baby.  He is quiet and sweet and basically sleeps most of the day.  He rarely cries and is easy to comfort when he does - change him, feed him, or hold him.  It is amazing to look at him and see his ever-changing facial expressions, how strong his arms and legs are already, and enjoy those rare moments in the day when his eyes are open and gazing around.  The nights have been challenging as he is up more then and I'm not good at napping during the day; however, he is slowly sleeping more hours at a time at night.  Mama and Daddy have just had to sleep on his nursery floor the past few nights.  Small price to pay for some sleep, right?  
Did I mention he sleeps a lot during the day?

Despite all his sleeping...I am still exhausted!

Much love from this tired new mama,


  1. Love the YAWN pic! :) That is frame worthy, for sure.

    You survived the first week! Lucky us with good boys! (Although it makes me scared thinking about having another baby. Could we be lucky enough to have 2 good babes?)

    And I bet you never realized that having a newborn is basically breastfeeding....all day and night. ;) In a couple weeks, it will become as 2nd nature as putting on your shoes.

    Congrats, guys! :) He is a doll.

  2. Glad to hear you are doing good! He is a VERY cute baby! It's really funny all the things you learn that they somehow forget to put in the books. I remember my hormones going crazy and I use to just start crying and say "Just ignore me, it's my hormones and lack of sleep." Ben was pretty understanding. You just have to make it to week 8 and it's like a completely different baby. They are more alert, sleep better, like to play and smile at you. It's amazing the difference! Also, try the swing if you need a break. Aiden loved that thing and I still use it now for sort of a calming down before he takes a nap.

  3. oh, Greta.. he is so precious. And you are so right, no matter the books read or what you think you may know..we just don't until we walk through it. This is a season and it will pass, too quickly. Thanks for sharing.. :)

  4. Beautiful! :-) Love you! M

  5. Awww, he is beautiful!! Congratulations on your new baby boy Greta!!

    And are never fully prepared. And you now you call throw all that "good intention" advice out the window too. LOL Because now you will frantically find all the things that work for "your" baby. :)

  6. Oh soo precious!!! They are definitely worth all those sleepless days and nights :) Have to agree with Erin here...about finding what works for your baby and for you!!

  7. What darling picture's of Cormac. You are doing fine as a new mommy, I'm sure. When we bring that little bundle home, we are all new and a little scared, but like you said, we wouldn't give it up for anything.

  8. Oh he is so beautiful! Are you so in love or WHAT! Congratulations!!!!

  9. Congrats! He is just so precious!!

    I came across your blog from your SIL Jen. She is just as adorable as you are! Can't wait to watch this little boy grow!

    PS you look amazing preggo!

  10. What a little cutie! Thanks for the advice...I'm going to need it! I'm like you and tried to educate myself with all those books, but I really have no idea what I'm doing!


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